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Finally! Machine in China Shows Men What Childbirth Really Feels Like

Would You Rather Have A Long Less Painful Labour Or A Short Painful One?

Do you ever wish your hubby could really understand quite how painful childbirth is? (Especially when some men compare the pain to their favourite football team being relegated…).

Men in China, who were recently wired up to machines that simulate labour for 30 seconds, will certainly have a new respect for womankind – especially after not all of them could last even that long.
Male volunteers opted to give the experience a go on Mother's Day in Nanchang City, in south China's Jiangxi province, and were hooked up to complex machines that provided them with a painful taste of what women go through in labour.
Filmed for a local TV show, the challenge consisted of 10 levels of pain with an agony scale from 50 to 500.

Electric shocks were sent into the abdomen of the male volunteers  – including British singer Iain Inglis, 31, who lives and works in China.

He gave up at the pain level 100 saying, 'It was too much for me…the pain was terrible!'

Zhou Nan, however, successfully stuck to the end and hit the 500 mark.
‘I am the father of triplets and wanted to understand the great pain my wife experienced when she was giving birth,’ he said.
‘It was horrible. I have nothing but deep admiration for all mothers after this ordeal.’

We're wondering if they can rig these machines up for men to try at antenatal classes
Do you wish you could show your partner how painful labour is? Let us know below!

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