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Guess What Happened When This Woman Gave Birth Outside Primark?

You may think dropping to the floor in the street and giving birth is the stuff of a far-fetched Eastenders storyline. But it happened to one new mum in Birmingham yesterday...

A young woman gave birth to a baby girl outside Primark in Birmingham city centre yesterday, much to the shock of fellow shoppers.
Primark staff reportedly ran to fetch towels and sheets – which were held up to give her privacy – while the emergency services were called.
Luckily an off-duty doctor was also in the area to help deliver the baby.

Nadia Hussain, a worker at nearby clothes store Gossip, witnessed the aftermath of the birth and said the mother was showered in money before being whisked off to hospital, according to the BBC.

‘Everyone was crowding the woman and after about five minutes everyone was clapping,’ she said.

‘She got about £300 to £400. The mother was waving at everyone, telling everyone to film her. Everyone had their phones out and she was waving at them as she went into the ambulance,’ she added.

Both mother and daughter were taken to City Hospital by ambulance and were said to be doing well.

OK, so you may not have given birth outside Primark, but we've all had something unexpected happen during or after labour. Share your stories below.


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