Mother and Baby

Hello Baby! Cute Kids Meet Their Newborn Siblings For The First Time

Introducing your newborn to your child or children makes for some classic pictures – the careful hold, the slight look of ‘who’s this exactly?’ We couldn’t resist putting together a gallery of reader photos. Feel free to send yours in to
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Molly & Sofia

Big sister Molly, 16 months, meets and feeds her little sister Sofia after getting home from hospital.

Karla Jenkins

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Charlie & Joshua

Charlie, 20 months old, meets his new brother Joshua, one day old, with Grandad.

Georgette Weil

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Valentine & Gabriel

Here’s toddler, Valentine, meeting his new brother Gabriel, now seven weeks.

Candice Williams

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Chloe & Caitlin

Chloe, now four, meets her baby sister Caitlin Niamh for the first time.

Sarah Doherty

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Ebony & Rosemary

Here is a picture of my daughter Ebony, nine, meeting her little sister Rosemary on May 30th this year. You can see how proud Ebony is and how much they love each other.

Hannah Taylor

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Molly & Tabitha

Here’s a picture of Molly meeting her little sister, Tabitha, in January this year.

Hannah Gordon

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Ruby & Jack

Here’s Ruby having cuddles with baby brother Jack.

Nicola Lahiffe

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Joshua & Noah

Here’s big brother Joshua meeting his little brother, Noah.

Toni Wood

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Alice & Peter

Big sister Alice, now four, poses for a photo with new baby, Peter and Dad, James.

Charlotte Brazier

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Dolcie, Isla, Lola & Poppy

This picture was taken a year ago and shows my three daughters, Dolcie, four, Isla, two, and Lola, 15 months, meeting their new baby sister, Poppy, in the hospital.

Kayleigh Sleap

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Madison, Scarlett and Jake

My daughters Madison and Scarlett, aged six and four, meet their baby brother, Jake, in December 2013.

Nikki-Lee Markham

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Archie & Ethan

Here’s Archie, two years, meeting his little brother Ethan.

Alexa Butler

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Lucy & Annie

Here's a picture of when one-day-old Annie came home to meet big sister, Lucy, two and a half.

Ceri Graham

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Toby & Eve

Eve arrived 10 weeks early and was in special care for seven weeks, so the first time Toby met her was when she was three weeks old.

Kathryn Mallow

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Izzy & Oscar

This is the moment when three-year-old Izzy got to meet her long awaited baby brother, Oscar.

Lindsay Birchall

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Chloe & Jack

This is the first picture of my daughter Chloe, eight, holding her brother Jack. As he was born six weeks early the first time she saw him he was in an incubator and it was about a week later when she first held him.

Katie Onions

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