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How Do Men Really Feel About Being In The Delivery Room?

Dads-to-be are all about being part of the experience when it comes to you giving birth, according to a new survey

How do men feel in the delivery room? Well, pretty good really – so much so, that 95 per cent of dads-to-be are there for the birth of their baby.

And for 63 per cent of those, it’s all about sharing the experience of welcoming their little one.

That’s according to new research by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which surveyed nearly 500 parents – women and men – about a dad’s role during labour.

More than a third of men (37 per cent) felt they stood up for their partner and communicated what she wanted during labour.

For 63 per cent of dads in the delivery room, it’s all about sharing the experience of welcoming their little one

And you were in agreement, with 60 per cent of women saying their partner really supported them as they gave birth.

And despite nine per cent of men feeling they got in the way, only two per cent of women actually thought that about their partner. Yeah, forget what the TV births suggest, we love having them there really.

So, what was your experience? Was your partner a godsend or a spare part when you had your baby? Let us know on the comments board below.

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