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One Born Every Minute This Week: Baby Spice, Bonkers Mums And A Relationship At Breaking Point

We go back to Southmead Maternity Unit in Bristol for the third episode of the sixth series. Whether you’ve already seen it or need a catch up, here’s a rundown of the funniest, most moving and emotional moments. Watch the next OBEM on Wednesday, 9pm on Channel 4.
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Baby Spice and bunches

There’s a celebrity visiting the unit this week… Emma Bunton! And diehard Spice fan/midwife Sacha is beyond excited. 'I remember telling my mum I've got to have my hair in bunches just like Emma,’ she says. Image: Channel 4
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‘That’s why you have a chair with a back on it’

A doctor tells dad-to-be Phillip as he jokes about fainting during his partner Catherine’s elective Caesarean – she has an issue with her bowel. The couple met on a dating website and are about to welcome baby number one. Image: Channel 4
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Meet Sarah – and her brilliant mum

Jane – hands down our favourite person in the series so far, rivalled only by Dr Tim from last week. ‘My mum's an amazing mum, but she's bonkers... she has to speak to everybody,’ laughs pregnant Sarah who is being supported by her mum while she waits for husband Ben. Cut to Jane telling the midwives her birth stories and talking about the days of gin being used to bring on labour*. Image: Channel 4

*Definitely don’t try this at home

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Hello, Dolly Spice

Introducing Sacha's Emma Bunton doll… which has been taped the to wall by her colleagues. Image: Channel 4
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A new era

Time for Catherine’s c-section. ‘From the boxes we ticked [on the dating website] we realised we both wanted a family,’ says Phillip. ‘The baby represents the new era for both of us.’ After a smooth procedure, we meet their daughter – little Emma, 8lb 8oz, who gives her dad some of the sweetest eye contact ever. Image: Channel 4
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Spice up your life

Emma’s here! She’s visiting to raise the profile of the hospital’s charity, Mum’s the Word, and has photos with everyone – including Sacha – plus a cuddle with a baby. And she signs Dolly Spice who has made it down from the wall. Image: Channel 4
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‘Have you been practising the puffing?'

Jane asks Sarah, who talks about her mum’s background, how hardworking she is and how fun she made her children’s lives growing up. Jane then does some more reminiscing – this time about labour and the whole watermelon analogy. Enough said. Image: Channel 4
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Tina, Julie and Craig

Meet mum of one Christina (Tina). She’s separated from her partner Craig, so her mum Julie is her birth partner. Tina’s honest about her relationship issues, including Craig’s insecurities and the cracks that came after they had their first baby. She’s still deciding whether she wants him in hospital and her life – or whether they should split for good. Image: Channel 4
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‘Just think of the prehistoric days…’

‘You didn’t have this machinery and people just did it with the dinosaurs!’ Jane’s labour pearl of wisdom #203. Image: Channel 4
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Not here to fight

Craig arrives to see Tina. ‘I’m not here to fight, I’m here to support you,’ he says – and the tension is broken when they burst out laughing at Tina’s wooziness on the gas and air. Sound familiar, ladies? Image: Channel 4
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‘He’s no Danny Dyer, but I do love him’

Sarah’s husband Ben arrives. She talks about her two children from previous relationships, and how pleased she is to have met someone new. 'Now I’ve found happiness, I'd like to help my mum find happiness again,' she says of Jane, who has separated from Sarah’s dad. Soon she’s pushing and baby Daniel arrives, weighing 5lb 7oz. Jane looks ecstatic and a little dazed, wandering out of the room – and accidentally into the hospital staff room. Image: Channel 4
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Moving forward

And now it’s Tina and Craig, both thinking about the future and hoping they can raise their children together. It’s a united front as little Jacob is born, 8lb 1oz. Midwife Sacha sums it up when she says, ‘When a baby is born it's an innocent little life that hopefully will wipe the slate clean'. Image: Channel 4
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Seven months later…

Tina and Craig are pushing their boys on the swings – and living as a family. Image: Channel 4
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