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VIDEO: Watch Cute Little Boy Singing A Song To His New Baby Brother

Take a look at this adorable video and share your own pictures and videos of your children meeting their baby siblings

That moment when your older child meets a new baby sibling for the first time is definitely one to be treasured. And judging by this video, we’re sure this little boy is going to love the new arrival.
The video, which was posted on a Facebook page called ‘Being Latino’, shows the little boy gently cradling his newborn brother while he sings the John Denver song, No One Like You.


It’s only halfway through the clip that the boy realises his mum is videoing him, but carries on singing until the end of the song.
We reckon this video will be perfect for playing to the boys when they’re older and possibly more prone to scrapping and fighting as proof they didn’t get on…once!
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