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Woman Tweets (And Shares) During Labour: ‘I’m High As A Kite’

Lyndsey Thomas shared her labour experience with the world by tweeting constantly and uploading photos. Definitely one way to boost her Twitter followers!

For some women, giving birth is a very intimate and private experience. But Lyndsey Thomas, 34, shared almost her entire labour with friends, family and strangers by posting about it on Twitter.

And we’re not talking a quick ‘We’re heading off to the hopsital’ type tweet and a lovely post-birth snap with her newborn. Lyndsey posted live updates at almost every stage of her labour – photos and all. She even created the hashtag #lyndseygivesbirth so that those interested could easily find her tweets.

One tweet read, ‘Am I having contractions? Timed 2, 15 secs each 13 minutes apart. Will see if another comes along before calling midwife.’

And another confirmed that she was experiencing contractions, writing, ‘It’s true what they say – feels like I have the worst stomach bug in the world. Apparently these are just mild ones #ouch.’

 Her other updates included having an epidural, posing with doctors, and even her husband having a mid-labour nap. In fact, almost the only break was when Lyndsey was pushing – but she was back on Twitter 20 minutes with an updated about her daughter, Fearne, breastfeeding.

’20 minutes old and latched straight on,’ wrote Lyndsey, who also has a three-year-old son, Ted.

Since Fearne’s birth three weeks ago, Lyndsey has continued to tweet about her daughter, keeping her followers updated with plenty of photos of her newborn and using the hashtag #babyfearnethomas. 

Lyndsey’s not the first parent to share her baby’s birth with the world. Earlier this year, singer Kevin Jonas kept his fans happy with a stream of tweets about his first child’s arrival. The Jonas Brother star even announced when his wife Danielle was pushing.

Do you think labour should stay private or did you take to social media when your baby was born? Let us know in the comments box below. 


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