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Would You Facebook And Tweet Your Entire Birth?

Writer Ruth Fowler used social media to keep the world updated on her labour and home birth

How long that contraction lasted. What your baby will look like. Why your partner forgot the TENS machine. Plenty of things cross your mind during labour – and for one mum-to-be, updating social media was on the list.

US-based writer Ruth Iorio documented her entire 12-hour labour and home birth on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, posting regular and very honest updates.

We’re talking everything from how her contractions felt (’30 seconds long, 2.5 mins apart, mild and crampy’) to a big thumbs up for her doula (‘Basically she kicks ass. My doula, Allegra Hill, is a trainee midwife and is pretty damn awesome, too’) all using the hashtag #ruthshomebirth.

Her beautiful son Nye Soledad Iorio was born on Boxing Day at 9.04am, weighing 8lb. While her birth went well, Ruth was transferred to hospital to remove her placenta and for a blood transfusion. She still kept posting from there though, and is now enjoying new motherhood back at home.

Ruth's gorgeous son Nye

And the support has been flooding in, with Ruth tweeting: ‘I have never had so much love and support and strength as I've had from other new moms and birth workers.’

So, would you do it? Ruth tweeted during her labour about social media being a good distraction to help her through. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments box below.

Photos by Jared Iorio

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