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10 things you’ll miss about being pregnant (no, really)

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10 things you’ll miss about being pregnant (no, really)

Sick of swollen ankles and bored of backache? Pining for your waistline… and wine o’clock? Pregnancy may have its challenges but enjoy the journey because you’ll probably find there are lots of little things you’ll miss about it after baby arrives. Like doughnuts for breakfast and afternoon naps. And also these…

Glossy hair and glowing skin

Yep, it’s not a myth: many mums-to-be really do have skin like a peach, lustrous locks and – bonus! – a drop in body hair. The bad news? It’s back to normal after birth, and that supermodel hair may well start falling out in clumps. Yikes.

The anticipation

Pregnancy is nine straight months of excitement. Wondering what the baby will look like, how it will feel to hold the new bundle in your arms and introduce her to the world. The joy of anticipation – especially with your first baby - makes all that miserable morning sickness worthwhile.

Elasticated waistbands

Officially the only time you can wear stretchy jeans without the sinking feeling that you’ve raided Nana’s wardrobe. Maternity clothes are one of the highlights of pregnancy. Having a different shape gives you permission to try colours and styles you may not have worn before. And ban heels, if you want to. But a word of warning: slipping into those elasticated waists and comfy sweats may make you happy now but a year after you’ve given birth? Not so cheering.

Feeling body-confident

Forget sucking in your stomach and worrying about bingo wings and muffin tops. There’s something liberating about letting Nature take its course, even if that does mean an extra stone or three. It’s common for mothers to admit they have never felt as comfortable in their own skin as they did when baby was on board. And did we mention the bigger, firmer boobs? Enjoy them while they last…

Bagging the best seat

That blissful moment when a knight in shining armour (or more likely, a kind old lady) gives up their seat on the train so you can rest your weary feet. In years to come you’ll look back wistfully on this small kindness when the whole carriage tuts and turns away as you wrestle with the buggy.

No periods!

A welcome break but even better… no PMS! See how long it takes your partner to notice you’re much, much nicer, even with the pregnancy weeping fits.

The shopping

How can you feel guilty when baby needs all this new stuff, right? Popped into a shop and fallen in love with 10 tiny babygros, a £500 stroller and a giant white velvet bunny? Buy it all. And how fun is a baby shower? Presents everywhere! Savour the shopping because when baby comes the most thrilling purchase you’ll make will be organic carrots.

Feeling the baby kick

There’s no more magical a feeling than that first kick. Then come the dance moves, somersaults and hiccups. It’s a deep connection, a special language between you and baby, and every little kick reminds you what an amazing experience pregnancy is. You’re making a new human. Take a moment to feel incredibly proud of that.

Everyone ADORES you

Strangers smile at the nice pregnant lady in the street. Your partner treats you like the precious vessel you are. And friends and family go out of their way to avoid upsetting you (your forgot all their birthdays? Never mind, it’s the hormones!) Carrying a baby qualifies you as royalty so take advantage of the attention, pampering and offers of help. Because you’re worth it. And because once you’re a mum you will have to rub your own feet plus everyone else’s.

Food, glorious food

OK, the eating-for-two advice may be out of fashion (shame), and four packets of Quavers a day isn’t going to benefit anyone, but still, once you’re over the nausea, eating while pregnant is a delight. Food often tastes better and there’s nothing quite so satisfying as giving in to a craving. Curry and a Crunchie at 10am? Fine. But after baby’s been born, probably best to reach for an apple…


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