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12 Things That Happened In Parenting News This Week

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From Kim Kardashian’s nappy change race to Katie Hopkins offending yet more parents, there’s even more parenting news to catch up on this week than usual. So get comfy and get reading…
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Victoria Beckham’s Clothes Go On Sale For Parenting Charity

Victoria Beckham has raided her designer-packed wardrobe and come up with 600 pieces of clothing to sell on Net-A-Porter’s outlet site, All of the proceeds will be donated to mothers2mothers, a charity working to end paediatric AIDS by training, employing and empowering mums living with HIV to work alongside healthcare professionals in health centres. READ: VICTORIA BECKHAM’S CLOTHES GO ON SALE FOR PARENTING CHARITY
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Kim Kardashian Took On Jimmy Kimmel In A Nappy Chance Race

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, Kim Kardashian showed that she’s a nappy change changing pro. The mum-of-one took on the show’s host Jimmy (who also has a baby) in a nappy changing contest, and managed to top Jimmy’s efforts by changing four nappies in 90 seconds, to Jimmy’s three – without breaking a sweat. READ: KIM KARDASHIAN TAKES ON JIMMY KIMMEL IN A NAPPY CHANGE RACE (VIDEO)
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Katie Hopkins Offended Again ‘Hannah Is The Perfect Name For A Dyslexic’

She’s been known to have very strong opinions on names, so Katie Hopkins’ latest tweet shouldn’t come as a massive surprise. She is, after all, probably just trying to get a reaction from people, but why she needs to do it is beyond me (and most people), says M&B writer Hannah Fox. READ: KATIE HOPKINS OFFENDS AGAIN ‘HANNAH IS THE PERFECT NAME FOR A DYSLEXIC’
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Children’s Birthday Parties ‘Too Expensive And Stressful’

Gone are the days of a simple sponge cake and a round of pass-the-parcel – children’s birthday parties are so much grander now, according to new research.


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Megan Fox Talked Sibling Rivalry

The actress has revealed that her 22-month-old firstborn is still getting used to being an older brother, joking, ‘Half the time he is [excited he wants to stroke his head and help him feed him – then the other half of the time he tries to smother him.’


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A Pregnancy Reveal Was Taken To A Whole New Level With A Coca Cola Inspired Video

Instead of phoning their friends and family to share their pregnancy news, US couple Andrew and Whitney McGillicuddys decided to go all out and created a video to make their big reveal. Complete with (dubious) acting, voice swaps and Coke cans, the tongue-in-cheek skit also goes hand-in-hand with a hashtag that the couple, both 25, created –#ShareACokewiththeMcGillicuddys. READ: A PREGNANCY REVEAL IS TAKEN TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL WITH THIS COCA COLA INSPIRED VIDEO
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The Baby Gammy Case Sparks Issues About Surrogacy

The baby Gammy case that’s making the headlines right now has, understandably, raised concerns about surrogacy – and whether the rules are too lax. But while that may be the case abroad, in the UK there are generally more guidelines and support, aren’t there? We investigate. READ: THE BABY GAMMY CASE SPARKS ISSUES ABOUT SURROGACY
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Kirsten Dunst Admitted ‘I’m In Baby Mode’

Do you get broody when your friends are expecting? It’s something actress Kirsten Dunst, 32, has admitted to feeling when two of her close friends got pregnant. READ: KIRSTIN DUNST SAYS, ‘I’M IN BABY MODE’
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Tamara Beckwith Is Expecting Her Third Child

Tamara shared the happy news in a recent interview with Hello! Magazine and spoke of her surprise at being pregnant, after two miscarriages. READ: TAMARA BECKWITH SHARES SURPRISE PREGNANCY NEWS
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Katie Price Gave Birth To A Baby Girl

The former glamour model and entrepreneur's publicist confirmed the news on Twitter, writing, ‘LFM can confirm that our client @MissKatiePrice has given birth to a baby girl this afternoon – no more details will be given at present.’ READ: KATIE PRICE GIVES BIRTH TO A BABY GIRL – TWO WEEKS EARLY
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What Mums Really Think About Giving Birth Was Revealed

From painful to enjoyable, we all find labour different and a new survey showed just how much. READ: WHAT DO MUMS REALLY THINK ABOUT GIVING BIRTH?
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Sam Bailey Performed One Last Time Before Going On Maternity Leave

The week started with news that Sam Bailey had begun her maternity leave, preparing for the arrival of her third child. The singer played one last show during Brighton Pride before announcing her maternity leave on Twitter. READ: SAM BAILEY PERFORMS ONE LAST TIME BEFORE GOING ON MATERNITY LEAVE
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