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15 First-Time Pregnancy Clichés (We’re All Guilty Of)

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We all have a tendency to go overboard with a first pregnancy. From putting the house of the market as soon as your test is positive to overly over preparing, see if you can recognise any of these unavoidable clichés…
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You plan the nursery immediately

OK, so you probably won’t put your baby in there for at least a year from now. But, there’s the colour scheme to consider, the cot to build and the nursing chair to decide on. Helloooo Pinterest. [Corbis]
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You upgrade your car

You’ll be sad to see your beloved Mini Cooper go, but there’s no way it will fit all of your baby gear in it. Hello people carrier. [Corbis]
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You start looking for a bigger house

Your husband may disagree, but you definitely think your baby will need her own room as soon as she’s born. And obvs you’ll need a third room for when your mum stays round to help out with the night feeds. [Corbis]
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You do a big pregnancy reveal

Tom Fletcher’s Halloween reveal video has nothing on what you’ve got planned. [Corbis]
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You sign up for every pregnancy fitness class around

So what if you don’t actually go to them all, at least you’re being proactive. [Corbis]
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You book a babymoon

Thailand? Bali? Kathmandu? If this is going to be your last babyless holiday, it’s gotta be a good one! [Corbis]
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You heavily hint at your BFF to throw you an epic baby shower

Yes, you know you use to laugh at the idea of having one but hey, this baby is something to celebrate. [Corbis]
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You read every parent book under the sun

How else are you supposed to know what to expect? [Corbis]
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You call your midwife about everything

Better to be safe than sorry, as your mum always says. [Corbis]
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You buy the most high tech gear

What was the name of the pram that Kim Kardashian has again? [Corbis]
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You become over paranoid about what you can and can’t eat

You could have sworn that someone told you not to eat salmon. Or was it mackerel… [Corbis]
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Not nine months.

You buy enough maternity clothes to last you a year. [Corbis]
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You join an NCT group to make ‘pregnant’ friends

Even though you laughed at the idea of it before you discovered you were expecting. [Corbis]
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You sleep as much as you can

All of those stories about sleepless nights as a new parent are, frankly, exhausting. So you try to get in as many lie-ins as humanely possible now. [Corbis]
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