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Baby Number 17! Mum Of UK’s Biggest Family Has Revealed She’s Pregnant Again

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For most of us, three or even four children is a stretch. But Sue Radford couldn’t be happier to add to her brood of 16, revealing that she’s pregnant again

Sue Radford is expecting her 17th baby in November. The 39-year-old and her husband Noel, 43, are known for their unusually large family and are said to be ‘ecstatic’ at the prospect of adding to it.
And the couple’s 16 children are looking forward to meeting their new sibling, too. ‘All of the kids are so excited,’ says Sue. ‘All the boys want a boy and all the girls want another girl’.

The couple’s 16 children are looking forward to meeting their new sibling 

But come November, Sue and Noel’s baby isn’t going to be the only new addition to the family’s nine bedroom house because Sue is pregnant alongside her daughter Sophie, 20, who’s own baby is due five weeks before her mum's.
Sue says that being pregnant at the same time as her daughter ‘really helps to keep calm,’ especially following the miscarriage she experienced last year.
‘I worried constantly during my last pregnancy but instead of doing the same this time, I just keep saying that what will be, will be.
‘I really feel like this one is meant to be. Because we are going through the same thing, we’re able to talk about everything reassure each other.’
Sue, who starred in Channel Four documentary 16 Kids and Counting along with her entire family, says she and Sophie even have the same cravings – junk food and ice lollies. ‘We just laugh and say at least we’ll get fat together,’ Sue jokes.

As well as Sophie, Sue is mum to Chris, 25, Chloe, 18, Jack, 17, Daniel, 15, Luke, 13, Millie, 12, Katie, 11, James, 10, Ellie, nine, Aimee, eight, Josh, seven, Max, five, Tilly, four, Oscar, two, and Casper, one.

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