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12 brilliant baby shower and sprinkle ideas

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12 brilliant baby shower and sprinkle ideas

‘The key to having a great baby shower is to make it personal,’ says event planner Katie Burnett (

‘It should be all about you and your relationships, rather than the presents or the expense of a big party. 

‘Your baby shower, or sprinkle (when you’re having your second baby), should express the style of the new mum-to-be – celebrate with your favourite colours, foods and interests.

‘What’s important to you as a mum? Perhaps having fun or sharing time with family and friends.’

12 real mums tell us what made their baby showers and sprinkles special: 

Play-Doh baby shower games

‘My mum went all-out crazy organising my baby shower,’ said Rayner Chambers, 34, from Hertfordshire, who is 37 weeks pregnant.  ‘There was a competition to make the best baby from Play-Doh. I had to judge them and some were hilarious!’ 


Traditional Indian godh bharai

‘I had a traditional Indian baby shower called a godh bharai,’ says Sarah Khan, 33, from Hertfordshire, mum to Zach, two. ‘I was presented with jewellery, and my lap was filled with fruit and sweets, while my mother explained the significance of a godh bharai to my friends – it means to “fill the lap” of the mother with abundance, and bless the unborn baby. All the guests brought a book as a gift for the baby.’ 

Throw a baby sprinkle

‘I didn’t have a baby shower with my son, so to have a surprise baby shower for my second child was really special – except it was called a “baby sprinkle”!’ said Lynette Taylor, 35, from Warwickshire, mum to Noah, four, and Edie, seven months. ‘Sometimes, having a second child isn’t considered as exciting as when you have your first, but the sprinkle was a wonderful celebration of the life of both of my children, and a lovely treat for me too.’


Party after the birth

‘I chose to have a party after my baby was born,’ said Sarah Cullen, 36, from Oxford, mum to Vita, four, and Kit, 10 months. ‘I said that no one should bring gifts, just themselves. It was an open house that began in the afternoon, and it was lovely to be able to introduce my baby to everyone.’

Nappy baby shower games

‘We played a game where you had 10 seconds to put a nappy on someone else,’ said Rebecca Guarnera, 27, from London, who is 39 weeks pregnant. ‘It was hilarious seeing full-grown adults laid on the floor, legs in the air! As I’d suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during the first five months of my pregnancy, it was so special to celebrate with my loved ones ahead of the momentous occasion to come!’ 

A non-baby shower

‘I didn’t really want a baby shower – I hate that feeling of all the attention being on me,’ said Lisa Bryant, 32, from Hertfordshire, mum to Toby, eight months.  ‘But my hubby and best mate planned a surprise “non-baby shower” and this, I loved! It was a simple affair with a group of my friends taking me out for lunch. And for a bit of crafty fun, we decorated some plain white baby vests with fabric pens, which entertained us all for hours.’ 


The Price is Right baby shower game

‘We played “The Price is Right”,’ said Irene Bausas, 36, from London, mum to Isla, one. ‘Guests were divided into teams and shown a photo of items such as baby wipes, bottles and a changing mat. Each team had 10 seconds to decide how much they thought they cost. It was hilarious!’ 

Baby shower photo games

‘Everyone brought a baby photo of themselves and pinned it up on a board,’ said Katie Hart, 38, from London, mum to Jacob, one. ‘It was harder than I thought to guess who was who! It was a nice ice-breaker, as everyone had to peer at each other’s faces.’ 

Messages from distant family

‘A lot of my family and friends live abroad, so my dear friend emailed and messaged them, asking them to send messages of love and encouragement for me,’ said Angela Swift, 32, from London, mum to Archie, 23 months. ‘All the messages were printed out and framed. It was a very special, personal, full-of-love gift, which definitely got the tears flowing.’ 

12 brilliant baby shower and sprinkle ideas

Baby bottle drinking games 

‘We played games like who could drink out of a baby bottle the fastest, and changing nappies on a baby doll while blindfolded!’ said Monica Hirani, 28, from London, mum to Sienna, six months. ‘We also had drinks served in fun and colourful glasses, while the food included an amazing baby made out of a watermelon and other fruit!’ 


Priceless baby shower advice

‘My mum, mother-in-law and other friends who were already mums gave me one piece of advice each, all written on a scroll,’ said Kate Chapman, 37, from Lincolnshire, mum to Nancy, five, and Peter, three. ‘It included things like “have confidence in the decisions you make for your baby – make your own mind up” and “wear patterned clothing for the first few months to hide stains!”’ 

Baby gender reveal

‘We learned the baby’s sex at our 20-week scan and threw a gender-reveal party for all our family and friends,’ said Lia Fierro, 29, from New York, mum to Jonas, six months. ‘We put up a notice board with blue and pink paper for everyone to write down their guess – some people even came wearing pink or blue. We’d filled a big box in the living room with balloons. Everyone did a countdown and we opened the box and out popped blue balloons to huge cheers!’ 

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