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7 tips for saving money on your baby shower

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Everything’s almost ready for the baby, just the birth and the baby shower to go. Don’t fret though – a baby shower is possible on a budget.

Here are a few pointers that will help you keep spirits high and the costs low.

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1) Scrap the fancy invites

Pretty much everyone has Facebook so utilise this. Invite those you want to come to an event you’ve created, this way you can monitor who is coming to the baby shower, who’s still a maybe and who will not be able to make it.

If you have to send out invites, try and keep the costs to a minimum and only send them to people who do not use Facebook, or the older generation like your grandma.
30+ invites might not seem like a lot, but when you take into account the price of stamps and the cost of gathering the supplies to make the cards, not only will it be very time consuming it will also tug on the purse strings a little.
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2) Consider the location

If you’re lucky enough to have a baby that will be born during the autumn a summer baby shower in the garden could well be on the cards.

If your garden isn’t big enough or the weather takes a nasty turn on the day of the shower, opt to have it at a friends, relatives or at your own home if you have a space large enough.
If this isn’t an option, and a hall or function room is your only choice - make sure you shop around and ask all appropriate questions e.g. whether food is included in the price, how long you get the venue for etc.  
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3) Get cooking

If food is not included in the price of the venue, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your friends or family to help make food before the baby shower.

You can easily buy a few loaves of bread and make some tasty sandwiches or invite your friends over to bake a cake as a fun pre-shower activity.

To cut costs even further, you could even ask guests to bring an item of food with them.  
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4) Make a list of what you need

Creating a list of goodies you still need for the arrival of your baby boy or girl will not only help guests out who are struggling to find something to buy for you, it can also end up saving you money in the long-run.
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5) Make your own games

Instead of spending £20 on baby shower games, opt for games that you can create yourself. 

Baby bingo can be made on a computer, and ‘Who knows mum best?’ can be done using an A4 paper book.

Sure, purchasing some baby games might be fun, but don’t break the bank for it. Prizes can be household items that you have never even opened, shower gels, old Christmas presents and packets of sweets.

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6) Don’t go crazy on decorations

Your guests know that they are attending a baby shower, so there’s no need to go crazy on decorations.

Ask around your friends to see if they have any decorations going that you could re-use or take a look at social media selling sites.
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7) Purchase a cake


Big chain supermarkets always sell baby shower cakes, so pick up one of them instead of spending hard earned money, or even savings, to pay for a personalised one.

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