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Deliveroo creates PICKLE, CHILLI and CRISP flavoured ICE CREAM to satisfy pregnancy cravings

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We’ve all been there – those moments where you can’t stop eating pickles, or crave coal like nothing on earth. Yet on-demand delivery service Deliveroo have added something new to the mix to satisfy those odd pregnancy cravings – three new pickle, chilli and crisp flavoured ice creams.

Deliveroo and Udderlicious have teamed up to create the ultimate cravings menu for mums with this series of new, bespoke ice creams.

If this is setting those taste buds into overdrive, you’ll be pleased to hear you can order them exclusively via Deliveroo for £4.25, from 24th November. If it works, you might want to stock up though, as these limited-edition flavours will only be around until 1st December.

Pregnancy ice cream

Research by Deliveroo found the top five foods craved by expectant mums in 2017 were ice cream, chilli, pickled onions, crisps and chocolate, so they’ve combined them all in these slightly bizarre sounding ice creams!

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said on the ice cream: "Food brings comfort to so many people at different stages in their lives, and pregnancy cravings are a great example of this. Deliveroo wants to be here for our customers at all times, wherever and whenever they need it – and if that means chilli ice cream at 10pm then so be it! This year our riders have even been asked to take food straight to the delivery room so we’re sure this new menu will be a hit”

What are (or were) your pregnancy cravings? Let us know in the comments below!

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