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6 Steps To A Better Pregnancy

We’re all thrilled when we find out we’re pregnant, but that doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally feel a bit, well, like things could be just that little bit better. Whether it’s your energy levels, friendships or self confidence, discover the easy ways to give your pregnancy life a boost.
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Boost your friendships

It’s natural that you interact differently with your friends during a significant life event. But even if you’re travelling on different paths, good friends will celebrate your journey with you. Try to maintain normality. Avoid talking about pregnancy all the time – even you need a break from it. If you lose sight of your own interests as a woman now, you’ll find it harder to reclaim them once your baby’s here. And if you can’t be hitting the bars anymore, at least you’ll get to live vicariously through your mates’ goss.
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Boost your energy

If the highlight of your day is collapsing on the sofa at 7pm, you’re not alone. Breathing deeply can give you a quick energy boost. 'Get down on all fours and then further down onto your elbows,’ says prenatal yoga teacher Lolly Stirk. 'Cross your wrists and place your forehead on top. Make sure your knees are slightly wider than hip-width apart. Soften your jaw, close your eyes and breathe deeply in for five seconds and out for five. In this position, the blood flows back to your heart and you’ll feel energised.’ What better way to replace that 3pm latte?
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Boost your concentration

Baby brain, pregnesia, mummy memory loss – whatever you call it, feeling forgetful and being unable to concentrate is common during pregnancy. ‘There’s been lots of debate about what causes these lapses, but in many cases, it’s simply down to tiredness,’ says confidence coach Tracey Wall. Set up routines to prevent forgetfulness. Enter all your appointments into your phone with alerts, so meetings don’t slip your mind, and try leaving your keys in a bowl near the door, so you know where to find them.
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Boost your relationship

There’s nothing like feeling close to your partner during pregnancy, but it’s not always easy. ‘As your bump grows and your mind is focusing on other aspects of life, such as giving birth or being a mum, it can be difficult to engage on an intimate level,’ says relationship expert Alison Tinsley. Try learning your love language. What actions make you feel cherished? Is it when you receive a thoughtful gift from your partner or when he’s helped out around the house? Maybe it’s when he tells you how much he loves you? ‘The key to boosting your relationship happiness is to identify these actions and make sure you know what each other’s are,’ says Alison.
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Boost your morning

Even if you think you can’t stomach food in the morning, tucking into a decent breakfast could make you feel better. Morning sickness has been linked to low blood sugar levels, so eat something that will replenish them and keep them steady. Eggs are a good source of protein to fill you up, and when eaten with a slice of wholemeal toast, they help to keep blood sugar levels steady, reducing your risk of nausea during the day. Just make sure your eggs are cooked thoroughly, including the yolks.
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Boost your self-confidence

You’re loving showing off your bump, but what if, deep down, your real worries are about whether you’ll be a good mum? Practise your inner sales talk technique. ‘Your internal voice has the power to talk you up or down,’ says life coach Rebekah Fensome. ‘Often, this voice takes on a negative tone that questions your abilities.’ Stop and imagine you’re doing a sales pitch on yourself – spend five minutes bigging up all your great mum qualities. Soon, you’ll ignore the negative voice.
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Boost your exercise

As your bump gets bigger, you may be prone to aches and pains that make getting around harder. ‘Find time to stretch your body, especially your back as it’s under pressure from the extra weight,’ says fitness expert Karen Laing. Your spine’s designed to move in three ways: forwards and backwards, side to side, and twisting. ‘Stand up, and with your hands on your hips, gently rock your pelvis forwards and backwards. Then do side bends by reaching down the side of your leg towards your foot, then down the other side,' says Karen. Do this with your back against the wall to ensure it’s flat. Finally, with your feet a little wider apart, gently swing your arms from side to side, looking over your shoulder as you twist.

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