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Honestly Healthy: Natasha Corrett's first trimester

Honestly Healthy - Natasha Corrett

One of the UK’s top vegetarian chefs, founder of Honestly Healthy and author of two books, Natasha Corrett strives to teach us all the importance of a healthy diet – something she believes doesn’t have to be boring. Expecting her first child later this year, Natasha will be sharing her top tips and favourite recipies for a healthy pregnancy, trimester by trimester.


Finding out you’re pregnant is an emotional rollercoaster, I’ve gone from excited to utter meltdown all in the space of one hour!

I knew I was pregnant two days after we conceived as I started to notice changes in my body. Every time I got into the car I felt sick, I got completely out of breath at the gym doing things that normally wouldn’t raise my heart rate, my digestion was all over the place, I couldn’t stop burping and my breasts were agony. I did three negative tests before one confirmed I was pregnant. 

Finding out you’re pregnant is an emotional rollercoaster, I’ve gone from excited to utter meltdown all in the space of one hour!'

Pregnancy – a good excuse to midnight snack! 

No one warns you about the exhaustion that hits you with full force. I’d find myself going to bed at 8pm and sleeping till 8am the next morning. This lasted about four weeks and then the sleepless nights started. Waking up every few hours feeling sick, I was told this was down to low blood sugar. From then on, my husband Simon would wake in the night hearing me munching on rice cakes and bananas in an attempt to get back to sleep.


Bread and citrus

Feeling sick from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed is hideous. During my first trimester, the only thing I wanted to eat was bread and copious amounts of citrus - I would eat a whole grapefruit in one sitting. One tip for mums-to-be struggling with the joys of commuting - when I was really feeling sick on the train home I would find sucking on a lime or lemon was the only relief.


Water, water and more water 

As soon as I became pregnant, I wanted to drink litres of water during the day and throughout the night. This is down to the fact your body is now producing twice the amount of blood, so needs extra fluids. Not that fun considering all you want to do is pee, expectant mums get ready - your life becomes looking for a public loo!


Staying fit

Being so into fitness I was worried about what I could and couldn’t do. Experts told me to ‘not do anything I didn’t do before’ which I found rather vague. My rule of thumb is to wear a heart rate monitor and never go over 140 BPM.


How to cope with growing boobs and shooting nipple pains

If, like me, you’ve have had tiny breasts your entire life the excitement of your bust spilling over is joyous…until the shooting pains begin! Cold compresses were the only thing that helped and I found the shooting pains did subside after a few days – it’s just the hormones (a phrase you will get used to hearing!)


Be snacktastic

My advice? Don’t go anywhere without some kind of snack in your handbag incase you are caught short feeling sick or hungry. Nothing worse than your blood sugar levels dropping, especially now you’re eating for two.


Back pain and sciatica

If, like me, you’re struggling with back pain and sciatica in your first trimester, my top tip is to sign up to a Pilates class – I’m learning how to strengthen my pelvic floor and do mobility and strengthening work. It’s the only way to stop the pain and it really does work.



My first trimester go-to? My caramelised coconut porridge. I’ve shared my recipe with you all here – enjoy! 


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