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The best healthy alternatives for your pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy cravings can be tricky to resist – after all, your body is literally pining after a particular food, which can mean you pile on the pounds more quickly. But there are plenty of alternatives that satisfy your cravings without single-handedly keeping Cadbury’s in business…

Welcome to the world of pregnancy cravings. Even though they’re totally normal, they can be bizarre, persistent and mean that you aren’t necessarily getting all the goodness you and your baby need. So, step away from the biscuit tin and find out what you should be adding to your shopping list.

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1) Swap fizzy drinks for water

If you’re craving the sugar and energy hit from a can of Coke, try some water mixed with fruit juice or a squeeze of lemon or lime. It will have that same sweet and refreshing taste but without all of the sugar.

‘Or try opting for fizzy water with a slice of lemon or lime or some infused water,’ says nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed. 
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2) Swap chocolate for dried fruit

When chocolate cravings come calling, snack on some dried fruit and nuts for an energy-filled alternative. If you really can’t resist chocolate, eat a few cubes of dark chocolate or a chocolate yoghurt.

‘Otherwise, try stocking up on tasty sweet and flavoursome fruits such as kiwis, berries and tangerines which help deliver a sweet taste but with fewer calories and a higher nutrient content,’ says Charlotte.
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3) Swap ice cream for frozen yoghurt

Craving something sweet and cold? Fill your freezer with frozen yoghurt – it uses milk instead of cream and contains little to no sugar or salt, compared to ice cream.
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4) Swap coffee for herbal tea

Craving coffee? ‘There are plenty of decaf alternatives so find one that you like or opt for herbal teas which can be bursting with flavour and help you relax,’ says Charlotte.
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5) Swap crisps for popcorn

If you’re after something salty, opt for a bag of baked crisps (like Mini Cheddars), rather than fried ones.

‘Alternatively, try plain popcorn or popcorn with a sprinkle of paprika for an added kick,’ suggest Charlotte.
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6) Swap take aways for take ins!

About to dial for a takeaway? Put down the phone and head to the kitchen instead. Making your own Chinese, Indian or pizza is a whole lot healthier as you control what goes into it. If you’re making a pizza, lighten up on the cheese and rustle up a stir-fry with just a dash of oil. Or if you fancy an Indian, try and resist creamy sauces and go for something more tomato-based.

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