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How to cope when your baby bump is massive

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Help, my bump is massive

If your massive baby bump has got you wedged in the bath, don’t worry - you’re not alone, and there are things you can do to help.

As your pregnancy moves on, your expanding waistline can land you in tricky situations, to the point of getting stuck in a toilet cubicle while shopping.

‘Many women don’t want to accept that they’re huge and give in to the fact that they’re less mobile,’ says midwife and birth preparation specialist Jenny Gough.

‘But it’s a temporary phase so you need to be realistic and practical. Make sure you keep your phone with you, so you can call for help. And listen to your body.

‘Acknowledge you can’t do quite as much. If you’re out and about, take regular stops – there’s no harm in going for another coffee.’

How to deal with a super-sized bump

1 Try gentle exercise such as yoga. It will strengthen your core muscles and help you move from sitting to standing.

2 Tell your midwife or GP if you have back pain that is stopping you moving, and ask to be referred to a physiotherapist.

3 Have a pregnancy massage to help relieve the stress of carrying a big bump.

4 Lay on your left side if you want to veg out. It’s a good position for the baby, as the layout of your internal organs gives her more room than when you lie on your right side. 

5 Sit on a birthing ball rather than a sofa in the last few weeks. It’ll be far easier to get up.

Michelle McCann, 35, from Brighton, mum to Isobel, five, and Luke, five months, remembers all too clearly the problems she had when heavily pregnant. ‘During my first pregnancy it once took 15 minutes to get myself out of the bath,’ says Michelle. ‘I had to roll on to all fours. After that I didn’t have a bath without my husband at home. He also had to shave my legs!’

Jenny agrees that getting in and out of the bath later in pregnancy can be quite difficult: ‘Put a chair near the bath for something to lean on and make sure there’s someone around to help.’

When you reach late pregnancy, don’t be embarrassed about asking for help. You will usually find that people will spot your bump and come to help. So, if you drop your loose change on the floor in the supermarket, other customers are likely to rush to help pick it up. 

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