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Mum-To-Be Surfs For Entire Pregnancy

Kristi Olivares surfed throughout her pregnancy - and filmed it all from a camera strapped to the end of her surfboard.

Even the keenest fitness fans normally opt to slow down their exercise routine and make the most of eating for two during pregnancy but this new mum from Manly, Australia recorded herself surfing until 42 weeks.

Filming it all from a camera on the end of her surfboard, the mum’s montage shows off her growing baby bump in her wetsuit as well as spectacular views of the Australian coastline. 

Surfing with her bump silhouetted at nine months.

From breathtaking clips of her surfing in each month of her pregnancy to blogging about her baby bump and surfing experience on the website She Surfs – Kristi started to record herself surfing while pregnant almost straight away and continued until the film ends with her surfing at 42 weeks pregnant against a sunset and the message, 'Can't wait to introduce my baby to the sea'.

Writing on her blog, the new mum said, ‘It is definitely getting more challenging to surf now that I am 30 weeks pregnant. Luckily I have been surfing at least four days a week throughout my pregnancy so the changes to my body and the ways that I have had to adapt my surfing have happened gradually.

‘The bigger my baby belly gets, the more I have to modify the way I pop up because my centre of gravity is shifting and my growing belly makes it increasingly awkward. I get tired quite easily and have to take more breaks after I paddle out to the back.’

Kristi says her doctor supported her decision to surf her way through her pregnancy.

Surfing for over four years, Kristi said that she was careful about when she fell off of her board while pregnant and never went out in waves over shoulder height.  Plus, she claims she had the green light from her doctor.

‘My doctor, who surfs himself, has applauded my decision to keep surfing as part of my healthy lifestyle, recommending of course that I surf sensibly and carefully with regards to my pregnancy,’ says Kristi.

But if you're pregnant don't go jumping on a surfboard just yet. There are loads of benefits to keeping fit in pregnancy, but it's always best to chat to your GP and follow the dos and don’ts of pregnancy exercise.

Have you kept up your exercise routine in pregnancy? Let us know in the comment box below.


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