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Pregnancy exercises: Toning your arms

This exercise is great for your upper arms and back. Watch the video above. 

Joan Murphy, co-founder of Frame fitness studios in London, runs exercise classes especially for pregnant women. Here, helped by fitness instructor Kelly Burns, who is 20 weeks pregnant, Joan shares some exercises to get your body in shape while also protecting your bump. These will have the best effect if you do five to ten repetitions, three to four times a week, either on their own, or alongside gentle exercise such as swimming, walking or yoga. 

Just because your bump is getting bigger, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a toned back and shoulders. This exercise will help you build up back and shoulder strength, which will help you when it comes to regularly lifting your baby after the birth. 

  1. Start by standing up straight, keeping your knees soft and your tailbone tucked under. Tighten your tummy muscles, and lift your arms out to the side, so your body makes a T-position (try not to hunch your shoulders).
  2. Raise your arms, so that they are stretching straight up. Then bring your arms back down to the T-position.
  3. Bring your arms round so they are in front of you with your palms facing upwards, then take them back to the first position. 

For more pregnancy exercise videos, visit the M&B YouTube channel.


Photo/video: Howard Boylan.

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