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WATCH: Build your core strength during pregnancy with these exercise videos

Secret Saviours

Prepare your body for birth with these free exercise videos from underwear company Secret Saviours, designed to strengthen your core and look after your skin.

Having a baby uses the same amount of energy as running a marathon, and just as you wouldn’t attempt a marathon without any training, these videos will help your body get ready for labour. 

Secret Saviours, the anti-stretchmark underwear company, have teamed up with Natasha Brown, National Academy of Sports Medicine, (NASM) personal trainer, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Expert, to produce a series of exercise videos for women in their second and third trimesters. 

The exercises aim to future proof the body by improving core strength in preparation for birth.  They do not put any additional stresses and strains on the skin, so lessen the risk of stretch marks.


All of the exercises can be done at home without any need to join a gym and include a series of top tips of how to incorporate pregnancy related exercise into everyday life.

Watch two exercises below - Secret V Sits, and Secret Chair Bridges: 




Secret Saviours comprises a unique patented underwear bump band to wear under clothing, and a Day Gel and Night Cream, clinically proven to prevent stretch marks in 70% of women; £69.95, available from

Sign up to download the Secret Saviours exercise videos at, and join in the conversation on @secret_saviours or find out more at

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