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In the early days of pregnancy? 10 tips to keep your bump secret!

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In the early days of pregnancy? 10 tips to keep your bump secret!

While many expectant mums can’t wait to share their baby news, there are many that like to keep it to themselves for a little longer.

Perhaps you’re waiting for your 12-week scan before you announce it to the world, and want some hints and tips at keeping that precious information secret for a little longer. 

With a rapidly growing bump and early pregnancy symptoms that are often obvious, here are 10 pregnancy-hiding tricks you can employ to trick even the smartest pregnancy detectives. 

Covering maternity appointments

In those early days there are doctor visits, midwife visits and the all important first scan - so you’re going to need a pretty good excuse to take time off work. 

The dentist is a perfect idea. A pretend dodgy tooth provides you with multiple appointments, the right amount of time and the perfect cover until you are ready to share your baby news with your boss! It also gives you the perfect excuse to miss out on those after-work dinners without suspicion. Antibiotics are needed after all! *nudge wink*

Gastroenteritis or irritable bowel?

Tummy problems provide the best cover in those early days of pregnancy. The perfect little white that explains why you’re off your food and why you aren’t feeling so great. Those frequent trips to the bathroom for morning sickness or never-ending wee’s, will be covered with your tummy issues, and of course - you’ll be seeing the doctor lots for treatment for it.

The Detox programme 

A little three-month health kick is a brilliant excuse to not drink alcohol, avoid those pregnancy no-go foods and to explain why you’re feeling a bit peaky. It can also cause bloating in the early days - no baby bump here! Just bloating from my new detox programme. Perfect.

Pretend to drink

While out with friends or family celebrating - it’s hard to avoid the alcohol without arousing suspicion. If you feel not drinking is a huge giveaway - buy your own drinks and pretend they’re alcoholic. 

Cranberry juice in a wine glass is a great trick and coke or lemonade can easily have pretend spirits in - but nobody will know. If someone offers you a drink - just pretend to take a sip and ditch/swap it when you can or say you’ve an early start in the morning and you’ve had enough tonight already. Easy. 

Prepare for the pregnancy detectives

There’s always one at a family dinner or office party that’ll notice you’re not drinking or eating the smoked salmon - so prepare your story BEFORE the event to avoid the Columbo-style questioning. 

Mention you are feeling unwell or that you’ve got an ear infection and are on antibiotics. A little acting may be required for fully convincing the super pregnancy detectives.

Pause the baby shopping

As excited as you are - if you want to keep your news to yourself a little longer keep away from the baby isle in the supermarket where you might just bump into someone you know. Online shopping in the office will blow your cover instantly. Stay away until the news is out.

Be careful who you confide in

You may have decided to tell just one friend each - but some friends, as lovely as they are, are awful at keeping secrets - especially exciting happy ones! It might be worth just keeping it to yourself until you are ready for everyone to know.

Keep your hands off your tummy

As funny as that sounds - many mums-to-be naturally touch their tummies the minute they find out they are pregnant, and they don’t stop touching and rubbing until baby is born. It’s a natural instinct - so be careful in public if you want to hide your baby news a little while longer.

Beautiful and baggy

To disguise that growing bump, go shopping for stretchy waistbands and flowing tops that don’t shout out ‘I’m pregnant!’ Avoid the maternity section for a while and just shop up a size until the bump is fully out with no way of discussing it.

Keep the baby reading secret

Nosey work colleagues or boss that checks your internet history? Avoid sites and Google searches that shout out ‘I’m pregnant!’ This goes for friends or family computers. The copy of Mother&Baby magazine - hide it when you have visitors and keep the baby books hidden in your bedroom.

If you do want to keep your pregnancy news secret, whichever way you hide it, don't feel guilty about keeping your news to yourself for a while. It’s a very exciting time and one that many need time adjusting to.

When the time comes to announce your baby news - friends and family will understand and not be upset at all - many will have used some of the same tricks themselves. 

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