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Four months pregnant: Belly, baby position and symptoms

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Month four of your pregnancy is when a lot of mums-to-be get new batteries (hurrah!) but also complain of a sore bottom! During weeks 13 - 16 your nausea and digestive problems should begin to calm down and your little foetus will grow up to 12cm. 

The four month stage is usually when your little bump begins to pop and you will really start to look pregnant! As your belly begins to grow, new symptoms will start to appear as your early pregnancy symptoms (finally) disappear. 

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What is happening in your belly at 4 months pregnant? 

Your little foetus can now move their facial muscles. Here are the typical side effects and symptoms of being four months pregnant...

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1) They can hear you

By the fourth month, your little one will be able to hear muted sounds, your heartbeat (cute) and the sound of your voice. 
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2) Sensitive to light

Babies reaching the four-month mark will also become sensitive to light at this point. 
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3) Moving eyes

Although their eyelids are still shut, at this point, they can now move. 
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4) Finger prints

Your baby now has their very own fingerprints, and, if you looked at your baby's skin at four months it would look wrinkled. 
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5) They're on the move

Your little one will still be doing plenty of moving around inside of you and will continue to twist and turn until they get too big to move. Once they get this big they will get in position ready for birth but until then your very active baby will be in all sorts of positions. 

Your body and symptoms at four months pregnant

Here are common symptoms you may be experiencing at this milestone:


Boost in energy 

"Tiredness, what tiredness?” will be your cry as you rush around manically whipping your knicker drawer into shape and making plans for every night of the week. That’s right, you may be able to stay up past 8 pm with your newly-found energy. You’re back, baby and you’re going to make the most of it! As you edge towards the middle of the second trimester hopefully, you will have a period of feeling on top of the world.

A sore bottom

Anyway, whether you’re bouncing around or staying firmly seated, watch out for your bum, won’t you? You might find it’s a little bit sore. Well, go on and take a peek because there’s a chance (and we’re just going to say it) you’ve got piles. Or haemorrhoids if we want to get serious about it. Haemorrhoids are an unfortunate side effect of your body doing something super cool - keep telling yourself that while you wriggle on the sofa.

Make sure you're eating enough fibre like wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables to ease any constipation. If you're struggling you should ask your midwife or doctor to recommend a cream to you to ease the pain. Don't use a cream before consulting your doctor or midwife first. 

Sex drive in overdrive

Your sex drive might have climbed to 5th gear by now so all that energy is being put to good use. Your partner can’t believe his luck as you snuggle up to him night after night for more than just a goodnight kiss. Good old hormones! And no, you won’t hurt the baby, and he or she has no idea what you guys are up to.

Mothering instinct kicks in

It makes sense that your femininity comes to the fore around now. You are a goddess, right? So when you’ve finished being amazing in the bedroom, you might find that your mothering instinct kicks in at some time from this point, plus that overwhelming feeling to make sure everything is just right for your precious cargo’s arrival (whether or not you actually get around to doing it all is quite another thing but you definitely like the idea of being perfectly organised).

Now it's time to think about...


How do I choose a baby name?!

Surely one of the best things about bringing a little person into the world is that you get to give it a totally awesome baby name - or a tidy, traditional one, whichever you prefer. But who knew it was so complicated?

You think of a name and then remember that person at school who was called the same and it’s a goner, another one is struck off because your third cousin removed called her baby that, the next suggestion meets with a grimace from your mother so that one’s gone, nobody can pronounce the next one on the list and let’s face it, your partner’s never going to go for that Disney Princess name you’ve been dreaming of calling your daughter for years….this could take some time.

Where should I give birth?

There are plenty of options to decide from when considering where to give birth these days so it's a good idea to have a look into what could work for you. Whether you fancy a home birth or you're not sure which hospital to go for, have a chat with your doctor or midwife to get their expert opinions. 

Start browsing maternity clothes

It won't be long until your clothes feel on the snug side and you might want to start looking at maternity clothes to fit you and your growing bump. Take a look at our picks of the best maternity fashion. 

Thinking about a babymoon? 

With your new boost of energy, now is a great time to have your babymoon as you're still safe to fly. There are so many places you could spend your final getaway as a two with your partner - here are some relaxing ideas.  

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