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One month pregnant - everything you need to know

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One month pregnant - everything you need to know

Month one of your pregnancy…in which your nose takes on super powers and you blab to a stranger.

Nipples on fire? Sense of smell so keen you can sniff a spritz of bleach 100 miles away? The slightest kind word sets you off sobbing? Sounds like you're in the first few sensitive weeks of pregnancy.

Honestly, if a test doesn’t tell you you’re expecting then the host of bizarre symptoms that happen in the beginning will definitely have you thinking ‘hang on, what’s up with my body lately?’ as you start to notice the early signs of pregnancy.

Let’s talk about how everything stinks, shall we? Picture it. You’re sitting in a really important meeting but all you can think about is the stench of your colleague’s BO. He’s not even sweaty. He’s washed and suited and booted but if he’s got so much of a bead of sweat on him right now then you can smell it. It’s like a scene from a sitcom as he side eyes you subtly trying to shuffle away from him while you inwardly retch.

The work place is a tricky environment for you right now. You can smell everyone and everything and it’s just plain weird. Your desk mate’s chicken salad has you vowing never to eat anything that needs plucking again and your bosses perfume is pushing you towards penning a resignation letter. Sniffer dogs ain't got nothin’ on you.

Super sore nipples?

Oh and have you scoped the office (home/car/highstreet!) for nipple hazards? Tight doorways, clumsy co-workers, or anything whatsoever that has the potential to make contact with your poor boobs right now.

If this topic has you scratching your head, then your breasts are behaving - but our guess is that plenty of mums-to-be will be nodding and wincing while stretching a protective arm across those nipples.


Many women report sore, or very tingly nipples as a first sign of pregnancy. They are so alert to all the changes going on that a simple breath of wind through your shirt can have you howling. Apparently it’s down to the increased blood supply to your breasts and it will disappear as your body gets used to the hormonal changes.

Whatever it is, you might want to steer clear of crowded places for a bit because anyone accidentally bumping into your boob is in danger of being on the end of your slightly hormonal wrath. Even your own clothes are the enemy. We don't advocate going topless in public but we bet your bottom dollar you’ll be keen to strip your top half as soon as you’re behind closed doors.

Extreme tiredness? 

That’s OK though as you might also be keen to hit the sack by 7pm. Extreme tiredness can have its upsides though. Of course it’s a bit embarrassing if you fall asleep when out and about but boy, when you crawl into bed in the evening or for an afternoon nap it’s like tucking yourself into the depths of a cloud and the best bit? You feel absolutely no guilt about it. Sleep, amazing baby-maker, sleep.

When you wake, the first thing you’ll think is ‘I’m pregnant’ and this is just about the only thing you’ll think about for a while.

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of excitement at being pregnant. Your heart wants to scream it from the rooftops but your mind might be telling you to calm down and keep things on the hush hush.

It’s a totally personal decision but one thing’s for sure - you’re walking around with that night before Christmas feeling every single day and there’s little else on your mind right now.

Your boss talks to you and you might nod and agree while all the time your mind is singing ‘I’m pregnant, I’m growing a baby, your perfume is grossing me out, I’m trying to listen to you tell me all of the important stuff, but erm, I’m having a BABY!’.

It’s either that, or you totally keep forgetting that you’re pregnant, you’re just getting on with your day, diligently working away and then BAM you remember, mid sentence and have a ‘moment’ with a colleague when you start giggling at her very serious work talk, or suddenly call her mummy, or something weird.

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to growing a baby in a few weeks then you can get back to being normal again. For a while anyway.

Emotional wreck

Oh, but would you mind not crying while you read this please? It’s true that pregnancy can turn even the ice queens among us into blubbering wrecks.

Now is the time to invest in a good waterproof mascara because everything from a puppy in the park to finding your favourite sup is on offer, will have you blubbing - get ready with your ‘got something in my eye,’ line if you’re not down with public displays of emotion.

And whatever you do, steer clear of that Davina show where she reunites long lost family members, it’s just too much for you right now.

Is your body changing already?

To take your mind off all this crying you could always shop for a few new clothes right about now, you know?

At around 4 weeks nobody else will notice any physical changes but you might feel a little bit like you’ve eaten all the bread.

Your body is making extra blood, you have more fluid and your hormonal activity will likely have you in that ‘I feel bigger’ headspace anyway, a bit like it does sometimes just before a period.

So it’s feasible that some of your outfits might begin to feel ever so slightly tight. Off goes the shopping Klaxon! You won’t be buying any official maternity clothes but how amazing to lust after elasticated trousers and feel happy about it?

You’re suddenly shopping for clothes a size bigger and you’re bursting with might even find yourself blabbing to the shop assistant about your news, because what the heck, they don’t know you…”Oh I love that top,” she trills to you, trying to sell it and for once you’re trilling right back “Oh me too, and I love that it’s a size 14 - I’m usually a 12, but I need a 14 because, well, I’m pregnant, I mean, only a few weeks, I look like an elephant, anybody would think I was 6 months!” When you come up for air she’s muttering muted congratulations and fiddling around with her clothes rail.

Feels amazing to say it out loud thought, right?

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