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Seven months pregnant - everything you need to know

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Seven months pregnant - everything you need to know

Month seven of your which you have a wobble over labour and discover the joys of prune juice.

Clutter, specks of dust, dirty dishes and anything family members have dumped somewhere they shouldn’t, all tremble in your wake right now.

You can’t bear mess and everybody is going to hear about it.

Who knows what it is about pregnancy that has us yearning for a streamlined, debris-free home but you are not alone in your furious nesting instinct that really takes hold now.

You might not necessarily be doing anything about it just constantly dreaming of a minimalist home while you sit on the sofa - but it’s OK, you’ve got time.

Baby talk has really notched up a level now. The words ‘eek it’s so exciting!’ are squeaked out by someone during most conversations and you’re having plenty - endless talk about names, buggies and where you might be when your waters break.

What’s it like when your waters break?

Oh yeah, a word about that. It’s really not like it is in the movies. There’s every chance you've had the ‘OMG, what would you do if your waters went in Waitrose?’ chat but you know what? That’s highly unlikely.

It’s far more likely that the majority of your water will go during your actual labour and that you’ll only really experience a trickle early on.

But, of course, dramatic water losses are not completely impossible, so if in fact you go into labour Hollywood style then we take it all back - sign that baby up to stage school immediately.

Time to start planning your labour

This month you can begin to imagine your pregnancy journey coming to an end but with that comes worry over labour and the reality that you will have the physical job of bringing your little beauty into the world.

Your midwife will talk you through all the options, but it’s normal to suddenly think ‘Ok, this just got really real.’ What many mums-to-be do about now is allow their minds to go into freefall. Hormones take over, you cry a bit and tell your partner you’re ‘terrified’ and suddenly think ‘what the hell have I done?’ all over again. Then, you might be tempted to bury your head and let the worry fester.

Well, how about facing it head on? Read up, talk to all of the professionals and iron out all of the unknowns that are bothering you. You're much more likely to have an enjoyable (disclaimer: We can’t  guarantee it will be ‘enjoyable’) birth experience if you’re armed with all the facts than if you simply worry yourself silly over events that are outside of your control.

Be kick-ass about this. Your baby is going to come out and you are going to know all the ins and outs (yes we did just say that) about it.

Your baby is growing rapidly

Your baby is really laying down some fat around now and your increased size is beginning to be a little bit of a pain in the back. Your lower back probably feels the way that Little Donkey carrying Mary did as it begins to feel the strain of seven months of pregnancy. This is when it might be a good time, if you haven’t already, to pack those heels away for a bit.

It’s a good job that wearing flats is no longer a sign that you’ve given up on glamour. Get the biker boots out or the classic converse, or even better, treat yourself to some brand new trainers. If ever there was a time for trainer wearing that doesn’t involve running around then pregnancy is it.

Actually, speaking of not running around, by seven months you can use that bump of yours to get out of anything (mind you, a good pre-natal exercise class will do wonders for that backache - soz, just saying).

But pregnancy is the the best excuse in the book and you’re far along enough now for it to really count. Can’t be bothered with your second cousin’s wedding? Well, you’re too preggers for that! The office Christmas party? ‘Might have to give it a miss this year’ you say, faux disappointedly as you rub your lovely big bump.

Anyway, you’re way too busy ‘trying’, ahem, to go to the loo at the moment. Let’s just say things are somewhat crowded in that body of yours and prune juice could become your new favourite drink..try it.

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