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Three months pregnant

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Month three of your pregnancy…in which you finally relax, but then lose your memory! 

You’re bouncing all over the place and with good reason after just living through what felt like the longest 12 weeks of your life.

Now is the time you might finally get to say ‘Oh sorry I’ve been a bit of a cow for the past few months but I’m PREGNANT so, I’m like, totally forgiven, right?’


Your baby's development at three months pregnant:


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1) Length of a pea pod

Wondering how big your baby is at this stage? Your baby is now the size of a pea pod! They will weigh around 23g. 
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2) They're all in place

All your baby's organs and muscles are in place now. But they all have some development to do before birth. 
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3) Facial muscles are working a lot

Your baby will be practicing their squinting as their facial muscles are working a lot. 
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4) Fine coat of hair

To keep warm in the womb, your baby will now have a fine coat of hair at this point! But this will be shed off before birth. 
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5) Memory and problem solving 

As well as their heart being fully formed, the memory and problem-solving parts of their brain are developing quickly too.

Your body at three months pregnant:

Here are common symptoms you may be experiencing at this milestone:

Skin changes: There’s a good chance you might be sporting the odd pimple or three this month as your skin starts to react to the surge of hormones that have taken over. Everyone says you’re ‘glowing’ but frankly, you know they’re a bunch of lying toads - you feel more like a pregnant Kevin the teenager.

Baby brain: By the end of month three you might well have done some of the daftest things you’ve ever done in your life. There’s nothing like pregnancy to make you wonder if you’re actually on the road to early-onset dementia. You can be given all the pregnancy tips there are, but the most important one is to leave a set of keys in a good hiding place because when you forget where yosu put yours for the zillionth time you’ll be glad of those spares buried in the backyard or wherever. Baby brain is a thing, OK?

Bump beginning to show: Your baby bump may begin to appear during month three, though it's important to note that women show at different times. As your womb move upwards, you will find it stops pressing on your bladder, AKA a lot less toilet trips!

Announcing your pregnancy

There’s a good chance you’ve already let it slip to your nearest and dearest but how about everyone else you know?

Poor old Colin in accounts is never going to ask ‘Are you pregnant?’ no matter how much you stand there rubbing your bump. So, how will you spill the beans?

Pregnancy announcements are a big deal these days and frankly coming up with an original idea is akin to getting a question right on University Challenge.

Will you post a picture of your 12-week scan on Facebook or is that a big fat no in your book?

A not so cryptic ‘and then there were 3’ status update maybe, a pic of your new ‘family’ car? Train your Pug to bark it...whatever it is and even if you don’t ‘do’ social media, don’t pretend you haven’t daydreamed for weeks about finally telling the world (you’ve definitely told at least one random stranger on the train).

By month three you might have stopped going to the loo every 7 seconds which is a shame really because you’re now on intimate terms with the local public toilet and you kinda miss it and all those ‘Shazza woz ere’s’.

Plus, now you’re not peeing so much you’re quietly wondering ‘oh, is this normal?’ because being pregnant switches on some evil paranoia you never knew you had - but yes it is normal for the peeing to slow down but it absolutely will come back later with a vengeance.

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