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Two months pregnant: everything you need to know

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Two months pregnant - everything you need to know

Month two of your which you visit lots of loos and might be a bit snappy.

Now that you’re into the second month of pregnancy, let’s talk about how many tests you’ve peed on. Come on. How many? A lot right?

It’s just so hard to believe that the teeny tiny life inside of you is real and there are few things more exciting than seeing that positive result. So you can’t help but keep doing them - the only problem is figuring out which chemist you haven’t bought one from yet!

Admittedly it’s not just excitement that has you constantly checking on that positive pregnancy test result.

By now, you may be feeling quite ‘normal’ and not pregnant at all. Everybody is different, but whether your body is flooded with symptoms or is dealing with its new job calmly and quietly as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening, it’s really really normal to feel anxious right now.

The worries of early pregnancy

You might be worried about how the pregnancy is progressing, or overwhelmed by thoughts of how a baby will change your life. Whatever is causing your anxiety, just know that it is all part of growing a baby!

Those fears will drive you a bit mad in the beginning but they’ll soon ease. So, what do you do? Rant on about it - you must! Talk your partner's ear off, go through all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘what happens when’ questions together.

If you have already spilled the beans to any family or friends then it’s fine to let them know your worries. Your mum, aunties and sisters, grannies, neighbours, will all be more than happy to talk babies (though, you might want to ignore some advice - ‘Whisky in the baby’s milk, Granny?’ Erm, no).

The early signs of pregnancy

If your body isn’t sailing along right now then this month you might actually be dealing with a barrage of symptoms that scream ‘Baby on board!’.

Once you’ve stopped peeing on sticks (oh no, actually there will be more weeing but more on that later) sickness will be your new nemesis.

Not everyone has nausea and sickness but if you do it’s probably kicking in about now. There you are, staring out of the kitchen window, still half asleep, waiting for the kettle to boil and woah - before you’ve even had a chance to realise it, your body wants to expel half your insides. One minute you’re fine, the next you’re violently retching.


There’s nothing ladylike about pregnancy nausea so this is kind of the start of a slight loss of dignity. You'll simply have to go with it. Anyway, you know being sick means you’re having a girl right? Or is it a boy? One or the other and pretty much everyone will let you know their opinion while you sit there struggling to keep your jam on toast down.

Oh but forget all of that, aren’t you just on cloud 9? All these unpleasant bodily functions are nothing! You’re going to be a mummy and you can’t wait. Look at you, bouncing down the street, listening to music and feeling like the pregnant, successful, kick ass star in your own movie!

Mood swings, what mood swings?!

Wait, what happened? Did your gorgeous co star say the wrong thing because you suddenly look really hacked off?

It’s probably those month two mood’s not your fault you're a bit, erm, snappy (or smug, depending on the day). You’re having a human and you’re all over the place.

If ever the phrase ‘don’t know whether to laugh or cry’ was true, it’s smack bang in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Pregnancy boobs!

On top of all that, everyone is looking at your boobs. They are really threatening to give the game away as they bulge and strain trying desperately not to scream ‘I’m pregnant’ from your suddenly ample cleavage.


This is either good news, or bad depending on how you feel about them. You’re either strutting around like Pamela Anderson (summer pregnancies are the best for this group!) or you’re employing all the best ‘how to hide a large chest’ tricks in the book - deep v necks all the way for you.

Whichever camp you’re in, you might want to factor bra costs into your monthly outgoings from now on - big boobs don’t come cheap and there’s a chance you could grow up to three cup sizes before bubs arrives.

Here’s a tip - when shopping for bras, go to a department store with toilets. In fact, for the time being choose all activities based on how close the nearest toilet is, because around about now you’ll notice you need to pee a lot. Sometimes, you might need to pee as soon as you’ve just HAD a pee. Having fun yet? It’s a good job you’re so glowy and gorgeous mama-to-be!

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