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12 things you can do to make your pregnant friend feel loved

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Your friend is pregnant, and all you want to do is make them feel loved and be the ultimate best friend through this life-changing journey. 

But, this is a new experience for you too, and you're starting to question whether you're saying the right things, and you're running out of alternatives to 'wow, you're glowing!'

So, we spoke to our favourite experts out there, the mummies on #mumtribe, about all the positive things they tend to tell their pregnant friends, and some of the nicest things they've been told while they were expecting

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1) Simple but incredibly touching

Stating that they're going to make amazing parents can be so uplifting. Such a simple thing to say, but will definitely make your friend smile. 
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2) Give her a hand

They may not need any help at the time, but it's always nice to know that they can go to you for anything. Whether it be running an errand or someone to talk to, let them know you want to help. 
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3) Compliments galore!

Hype your pregnant friend up by telling her how good she looks. We all love to be told how beautiful we look, especially when we have a huge bump. We guarantee that saying how beautiful they look will make their day a hundred times better.
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4) Remember your pleases

Now, it may seem obvious, but don't assume you can touch their belly. First, ask if you can, and this will make them feel way more comfortable!
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5) Be lovely, always

Telling your pregnant friend that they are made for motherhood is probably the nicest thing you could say. This sweet comment will also encourage them to believe that they can do anything. 
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7) It's your actions too

Saying: "do you want to sit down?" may be perfect for some, but be aware that everyone is different and don't overdo it.  Make your friend feel comfortable by treating them how you would treat anyone else!
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8) "Don't tell me how bad and horrific labour will be" 

Come on ladies, let's make it positive. No pregnant friend of yours will want to hear about the painful contractions or the lack of sleep they will be getting. Talk to them about how it will be the best thing they will ever do and embrace every moment. 
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9) Go the extra mile

To be honest, actions speak louder than words. Being pregnant is exhausting, so help your mum-to-be friend out with prepping some meals. She can just pop one of these in the oven and freeze the other eleven. Your friend will love you forever. 

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10) Boost their confidence

Let them know their rights in pregnancy, labour, and birth. Checking in on them and reminding them their baby will come when the baby is ready will encourage them and make them feel more positive and relaxed. 
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11) It's ok not to be ok

Not every pregnant woman is going to love pregnancy with the unpleasant symptoms, the ongoing uncertainty and the number of changes their body will be going through. And this should be spoken about. Tell your friend that you're there for them whenever they need you. 
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12) Provide them with knowledge (but not too much)

They want reasurance and empowerment, and this takes some of the fear away. Acknowledge that yes, it can be a tough time, but that they can't be perfect and they have a support network around them. If you've been pregnant before, let them know about the great resources you've used so they feel informed and prepared. 

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