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17 amazing facts you didn't know about pregnancy

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Pregnancy is often very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming at times. Your body is changing in ways you never imagined and let's not forget you're growing a tiny human inside your tummy! 

You may already know what pregnancy entails, but did you know that 'baby brain' is real? Your heart actually gets bigger during pregnancy? 

Here are 17 weird and wonderful facts we guarantee you didn't know about pregnancy... 

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1) Your baby can hear you

At around week 25, it's common that your baby will hear you and respond to any voices and surrounding noise. The noise they will tend to respond to the most will be your voice. 
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2) Your tummy muscles seperate

It is often that pregnant women's abdominal muscles will weaken and separate. It is known as 'abdominal separation' which could happen during pregnancy and after. It is all down to growing the baby and your hormones. 
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3) Baby brain does exist!

The old wives tale of having a pregnancy baby brain is real! Results have found that compared to women who aren't expecting, mothers perform worse on tasks and forget things a lot more. 
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4) You shouldn't "eat for two"

Yes, you're a lot hungrier and larger than normal, but doctors advise that pregnant women should instead focus on getting a good balance of fats, protein and carbohydrates. 

You're likely to gain more weight than normal, and this can increase your chances of backaches and high blood pressure. 
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5) Someone was pregnant for 17 months! 

Yep. In 2016, Wang Shi was eight months past her due date. Wang and her husband kept going back to the hospital once a week since her due date, and the doctors said she wasn't ready. She gave birth to a healthy 8.3 pound baby. 
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6) Your sense of smell heightens... 

Down to your pregnancy hormones once again, in the first trimester, it is common for your sense of smell to change but can vary for everyone. However, this heightened sense of smell can often trigger morning sickness. Try and avoid scents by leaving your windows open so there are no weird smells!
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7) You're more likely to break bones

When you're pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes, so it's important to have a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and exercise. Without these, your bones are much more likely to fracture and break. Go get that calcium! 
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8) You'll fall in love with your baby bump

Your baby bump is your new accessory in the baby world. It's known that pregnant women love showing off their bump, especially on the beach in their bikini. WIth no time to be worried about 'breathing in' to your favourite mum jeans, a baby bump means getting yourself some elastic waist maternity jeans. Yay. 

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9) Doctors will get the due date wrong a lot

Unless they know your ovulation cycle off by heart, it's actually quite rare that your baby will arrive on the expected date
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10) A dark line will appear on your tummy

The dark line that appears on your tummy is referred to as 'linea nigra'. The line is actually always there but much more noticeable as it gets darker throughout your pregnancy. If you're self-conscious about the mark, you can cover it up or stock up on your greens. 
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11) Morning sickness isn't in the morning

It happens in the morning, right? 'Morning' sickness occurs at any time of the day. Eat smaller amounts of good foods and try to avoid the fattier foods to relieve this symptom. 
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12) Your baby cries in the womb

Babies can start to produce crying sounds as early as 24 weeks. The fetus at that point can open its jaw and move its tongue. 
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13) Your heart grows

It's true. As pregnancy requires the woman's heart to work much harder, and the fetus is constantly growing, the heart will grow.
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14) The colour of your skin may change... 

Areas of your skin may turn darker when you're pregnant. Moles and freckles might go darker too, but all these areas will be lighter again after birth. 
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15) Your baby will pee inside you... 

As well as being able to hiccup and suck their thumbs, babies also go to the bathroom inside you. When the baby's kidneys have formed and fully developed, they will begin to swallow amniotic fluid (baby pee), then excrete, then repeat.
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16) Your belly button will poke out

As your uterus expands during your pregnancy, your belly button will poke out. Once you've given birth, it will go back to normal. 
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17) Your baby gets fed before you

Feeling hungry? Well your baby needs to eat first, sorry. You will also need to up your calories by extra 340 to 450 calories a day in the final trimester, as your baby continues to grow. 

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