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20 Weird Truths About Being Pregnant

There are some things you expect when you’re expecting, and others, well… not so much. Especially the slightly odder parts. Turns out all pregnancies are different (surprise surprise!) and there is the occasional curveball.
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You can sleep really well

All you hear about is weird dreams, getting too hot and constant toilet trips. And yes, this can happen – but y’know what, sometimes mum-to-be sleep is fine. Even better than before. Must be something to do with the hormones, but some of us have slept like logs. Image: Corbis
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Commuters are nicer than you think

When you’ve spent years tucked under a stranger’s armpit, you worry no-one will care if you and your bump need a seat. But actually, the majority are nicer than that – and a well-timed ‘Look up from your newspaper please’ cough combined with pushing your bump out often helps, too. Image: Corbis
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Your tastes suddenly change

You’ve loved peas since you were three years old. Now? It’s the last thing you’d eat even if it were the only food left on earth. Yuck. Image: Corbis
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But you don’t always get cravings

You were all prepped for 3am hankerings for celery and yoghurt (read: chocolate dipped in more chocolate), but sometimes those famous cravings just don’t strike. Or sometimes you don’t realise you’ve got them until your partner comes home to find you crunching ice cubes like it’s them most normal thing in the world. Image: Corbis
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You don’t miss alcohol

It’s generally off the menu, but you couldn’t care less. Give you a fresh lemonade any day. Image: Corbis
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Things can be hilarious

Especially ones that shouldn’t be. But suddenly everything from the way your boss pronounces ‘organism’ to your partner stubbing his toe makes you near on delirious. Image: Corbis
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You become a quiz contestant

When are you due? What are you having? How are you feeling? Do you have name ideas? What birth will you have? Do you have any cravings? Phew. Hello, Mastermind. Image: Corbis
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Made in Chelsea is actually very emotional

One more Binky and Alex break-up scene will send you over the edge. #hormonalwreck Image: Corbis
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Sex drive? A rollercoaster

One minute you’re up for it. The next you’re all about a foot rub and a cuddle. Image: Corbis
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But your dreams can be naughty

It’s down to a surge in hormones and increased blood flow to your vagina. Eek, you’ll never look at your father-in-law in the same way again. Image: Corbis
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Bump comparing is a bit addictive

What better way to pass time in antenatal appointment waiting rooms? Try not to get too hung up on it, though – women come in different shapes and sizes, and so do bumps. Image: Corbis
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Bigger boobs aren’t always fun

Sure, they may look good, but they’re not always so comfortable or practical e.g. running for the bus. Image: Corbis
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Everywhere is a sauna

All hail clothing layers, face spritz, ice-lollies, flip-flops, portable fans, deodorant… Image: Corbis
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The toilet is your new BFF

Your baby can put pressure on your bladder so you need the loo more. It’s important to stay hydrated though, so if you’re struggling, try to drink more in the day and less after 6pm. Image: Corbis
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There’s online shopping beyond ASOS

Paint swatches, babygrows, Moses baskets, mini Converse. So. Much. You. Want. To Buy. Image: Corbis
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Names can lose their sparkle

You’ve wanted to name your baby Chloe/Kate/Louise since your teens, and now that grumpy mum-to-be in your NCT class has ruined it. Image: Corbis
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Your partner can be super-annoying

Oof, it’s just the way he breathes. Image: Corbis
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But also pretty bloody fantastic

His excitement at your scans makes you fall in love with him all over again. Plus there’s those Skittles he left on the side for you. Image: Corbis
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You know you should exercise but…

Yawn. Power walk tomorrow. Definitely. Image: Corbis
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Black and white fuzzy pictures…

Are the best thing ever. Your scan photo becomes the most important one you’ve ever owned – total magic. Image: Corbis
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