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The best pregnancy apps every mum-to-be needs in their life

Not quite ready for your baby’s grand entrance into the world in nine months time (or less!)? Don’t stress – the time might be flying by but you can save time, effort and your sanity with these clever little apps. To make things even more simple, we’ve broken our top picks down; they can help you get fit, track your baby’s development and even help your significant other in just one click. Here is a list of all the best pregnancy apps every mum-to-be needs to download right this moment. 

The best place to start 

  • If you're trying to conceive, our ovulation calculator is a great place to start. Helping you work out when you're most fertile, all you need to do is tell us the day of your last period and we'll work out all the rest. 
  • The due date calculator - need to work out when you're baby is due? If you're having trouble remembering dates and counting the days on your fingers, this handy little tool might be one to save to your homepage! 
  • Finally, our baby name generator is a great tool to play with on your commute - who knows, you could find your perfect baby name on the Northern Line! 

The best pregnancy fitness apps


Pregnancy Exercise: Weekly workout

Watch tailored exercise videos that use Pilates, Yoga and strength training to tone the muscles needed for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. The best part? You can do all these exercises at home with no additional equipment, so no need for an expensive gym membership!


Kegel Trainer: Pelvic floor exercises  


Kegel trainer - pelvic floor exercises app

You’re probably already fed up of everyone telling you how important pelvic floor exercises are now you’re pregnant, but if you’ve got a tendency to forget these vital workouts, the Kegel trainer will send you discreet reminders throughout your day. With ten different exercise sessions to work through, all between 30 seconds and three minutes long, this is one app to help you get your body ready.  


The best free pregnancy apps 


The Bump app The Bump 

With a week-by-week pregnancy guide that compares the size of your baby to an illustration of a cute fruit, this app definitely has the aww factor. What’s more, it gives you the chance to ask real-time questions to the editors, medical experts and other mums.


What to expect app What to expect 

From the makers of the popular pregnancy book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, this free app includes a lot of brilliant info. You can calculate your due date, view week-by-week pics of your growing baby and read pregnancy facts and tips. 


Sprout pregnancy app Sprout 

With a personalised pregnancy timeline, all the tools you could need throughout your pregnancy and a 3D interaction that allows you to experience your baby’s world, Sprout is amazing. It’s also been recommended by doctors, so rest assured you’re in safe hands. 


Glow nurture app Glow nurture 

A great little app that was designed to nurture mums-to-be throughout their pregnancy, we love that you can email yourself PDF’s of your pregnancy symptoms, weight and health data. With a hospital bag checklist and a trimester-specific pregnancy tracker, this is one way to combat the baby-brain! 


Baby Bump pregnancy pro app BabyBump pregnancy pro

With pregnancy forums that allow you to chat to other mums-to-be and share your symptoms, BabyBump is a pretty comprehensive app. One handy feature automatically calculates your estimated weight gain based on your pre-pregnancy BMI. 


Baby names!! app Baby names!! 

Packed with more than 30,000 baby names, spend the next nine months narrowing them down. You can sort names by meaning, gender, origin and popularity, create lists and refer back to your favourites. 


Full term 

One to download as the big day approaches, this is one of the easiest ways to track and time your contractions. Work out how slowly (or quickly) your little one is planning on entering the world, view your complete contraction history and monitor your labour progression with the built in graphs. Good luck! 


Cinemama app CineMama

Anyone who has ever watched Tom and Giovana Fletcher’s adorable growing bump video will want to download this app. Helping you take the best bump photos possible, you can turn your photos into a video with its own soundtrack at the click of a button. 


Pregnancy + 

Everything you could possibly need all wrapped up in one handy app, this gives you daily pregnancy info, a place to log your check-ups, a kick counter, contraction timer and a baby size visualiser all in one click. The creators have also developed a Baby+ app to help you once your little one arrives. 


The best paid for apps 


My Baby’s Beat – Prenatal Listener 

Gone are the days where you have to wait till your next ultrasound appointment to hear your baby’s heartbeat. This app allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to listen to your baby. The best part? You can record and share the sounds with your friends and family via email, Facebook and WhatsApp. 


Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson appPositive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson 

There’s no doubt about it, being pregnant can be overwhelming and a tad scary. If you’re struggling to keep calm and get ready for your new arrival, this medication app could be just what you need. Listen whenever you want and start focusing on a positive and successful pregnancy.


Noisli appNoisli 

If getting to sleep is tricky, this could help. With multiple sounds to choose from, including rain, wind and white noise, you can switch off and (fingers-crossed) get a good night’s sleep. This might also come in handy once your little one arrives! 


The best apps for him 


Who’s Your Daddy? 

The first time dads go to guide, this clever little app has been written by men, for men and promises to make him laugh as he gets ready for his new arrival. Guiding him through the next nine months and giving him ‘peace of mind for the price of a small beer’, this is one to get him to download, pronto. 


Pregnant Dad 

Providing him with all the essential information, whilst also giving him the answer to the questions he probably wouldn’t want to ask at your next check-up (e.g. how big will the bra get?).  




Read next: the early labour signs to look out for 

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Your waters break

Otherwise known as the moment the sac of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby ruptures. This can happen as an all-in-one gush, or a slow trickle that lasts a few days.
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Heartburn relief

As your bump grows, your baby will push your stomach upwards. This forces acid in your stomach into your windpipe, causing heartburn. In the weeks before giving birth, your baby will drop down into your pelvis, which means you might finally get some relief. 
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You have backache

An ache in your lower back can mean your baby is rotating into the right position for labour. This can take a few days and might be painful. Put your feet up, ask your partner for a backrub and take a hot bath to relieve symptoms. 
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You have a ‘show’

A mucus plug covers your cervix in pregnancy and this may come loose up to a few days before labour starts. A brown, pink or red-tinged stringy or jelly-like discharge, it can come out either in one lump or more gradually over a few days. Find out all you need to know about the mucus plug here. 
Early labour signs Expand Image Early labour signs

Your nipples leak

This can happen throughout the final few weeks of pregnancy, but you might notice it more in the last few weeks before your baby arrives. The milk you’re leaking is colostrum, a nutrient-rich liquid that will nourish your baby until your proper milk comes in a couple of days after the birth. 
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The hormones that help your uterus contract can also sometimes cause diarrhoea in the hours before birth.
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Swollen down below

As your baby moves down into your pelvis, usually around week 37, the increased blow flow to this area can leave your vagina feeling swollen. This is very normal and nothing to worry about, however if you are uncomfortable, try placing an ice pack in a tea towel and resting it on the area.
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Frequent toilet stops

One you're probably used to by now, as your growing bump has been pressing on your bladder for the last few months, but expect those toilet trips to increase in the last few weeks of pregnancy as your baby moves into your pelvis. 
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Sudden burst of energy

It's not one many women complain about, but it's usual to feel a sudden burst of energy those few days before labour stars. Make the most of it while you can! 
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Walking differently

As your pelvis widens to get ready for birth, this can often affect the way you walk. 
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The first thing to be sure of is that these are not Braxton Hicks, which feel like period pains and will come and go, or contractions, where the pain will get more intense and for longer as time goes on. Remember you don't always have to go to hospital as soon as the contractions start - established labour is usually when you have three, one-minute contractions in the space of 10 minutes. That said, always ring your midwife if you are unsure. 

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