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Pregnant? 10 Products To Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Getting a good night’s rest during pregnancy can seem like mission impossible, especially in those last few months. So, try these products and techniques that really do make the difference and help you get some well deserved zzz’s…
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Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow, £45.99,

Meet Dreamgenii, your new sleeping partner (bonus: it doesn’t snore!). It encourages you to lie on your side if it’s not your natural sleeping position which is better for you and your baby and has leg and back support for an altogether more comfortable nights sleep.
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Spa and Soothing Sleep Machine, £29.89,

De-stress and unwind with a sound machine. Soothing nature sounds will help you relax and the aromatherapy beads smell like a dream. Also perfect for unblocking stuffy noses.
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Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle, £35,

Who doesn’t love a scented candle? Turn the lights out and transform your room into a little haven. Aromatherapy Associates Relax candle is infused with West Indian bay and myrrh essential oils to calm and soothe your mind.
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Mum-To-Be Foam Bath, £7.50,

There’s no better way to relax at the end of a long day than in a soothing bath, with lots of bubbles! This midwife-approved treat contains chamomile and geranium, and is especially for mums to be.
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Feel Amazing Treats, £52,

The perfect present for your baby shower? This is the ultimate mum-to-be relaxation kit – it includes a luxe cocooning scented candle, bath and body oil. We want.
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Ditsy Print Pyjama Leggings, £22,

Make sure you’re comfortable at night, as it’s easy to overheat in the last stages. We love these ditsy print maternity leggings, they’re super comfy and have an adjustable drawstring for your growing bump. One for the hospital bag too.
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Snore & Peace Infusion Tea, £2.25,

Taking five minutes out (no ipads, phones, technology) with a mug of herbal tea will help you feel calm and relaxed before bed. This Clipper infusion includes organic chamomile, lemon balm and lavender. And breathe…
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Wedge Pillow, £9.99,

Many of you have told us that you love your wedge pillow! They’re a great way to support your bump and back during the later stages of pregnancy.□
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Lavender Water, £4.50,

Add a splash of Lavender water to your daily skin regime. The floral facial mist cleanses and revitalizes your skin with a gorgeous aroma which helps you feel relaxed and ready for bed
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Pregnancy Body Moisturiser, £13.50,

An itchy stomach during pregnancy can be a nightmare, especially when it’s keeping you up at night. Natural Spa Factory’s Bump a Daisy Body Moisturiser includes sweet almond oils to smooth, moisturise and eliminate the chance of stretch marks.

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