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Pregnant In The Summer? 9 Of The Best Cool-Down Tips To Try Right Now

From your before-bed routine to the perfect foods to snack on, get comfortable(ish) in the summer heat while you're pregnant

For all those times you wake in the night desperate to open the window, get a seat on the train and sit there sweating, or walk (waddle…) just about anywhere outside when it's humid.

Here's what to do if you're feeling the heat right now.

Find a cold tap

To run the inside of your wrist under.

It’s an area where your body radiates a lot of heat, and cool water lowers the temperature of the blood running through your veins there – which then travels to the rest of your body.

Eat your water

As well as drinking fluids, stay hydrated with your snacks, too.

‘Foods with a high concentration of water will cool you down – watermelon is one of the highest,’ says fitness and wellbeing expert Christianne Wolff.

‘Green veg is also good as it digests quickly, cooling you down. Foods that take a long time to digest will heat you up.’

‘Green veg is also good as it digests quickly, cooling you down. Foods that take a long time to digest will heat you up.’

Make ice-lollies

The best treat ever when it’s warm, and surprisingly easy to make.

‘Blend fruits, or plain yoghurt with mango juice, and then freeze,’ suggests Christianne.

Fan in the bag

Repeat after us: Keep a hand-held fan on you At. All. Times. Our pick is M&S’ Pod, £6.

Breathe yourself cool

Even non-yoga fans can benefit from the breathing techniques involved.

‘A sheetali pranayama – or cooling – breath can help cool you down,’ says Christianne.

‘Roll your tongue (or if you can't do that just make your mouth in a shape as if you’re about to whistle) and breathe through this smaller gap. You can feel the cooling effect immediately.’

Be clothes smart

So, loose, light layers, natural fabrics and also thinking about your underwear.

‘Cotton bra tops can be more comfortable than actual bras when it’s hot,’ says stylist Charlotte Kewley. Try JoJo Maman Bebe’s maternity one, £12.

And ditch that statement necklace – heavy jewellery’s just another thing to make you feel confined and sweaty.

Spritz away

Make a refreshing facial spray with this recipe from Neal’s Yard Remedies.

You need three heaped teaspoons of fresh mint, one of fresh dill, one of fresh parsley and 85ml of mineral water. Make an infusion with the herbs using just enough boiling water to cover them. Once brewed, add the mineral water and pour into an atomiser spray. Shake well, use within two days and keep in the fridge.

No time? Try NYR’s White Tea Facial Mist, £11.

Chill your sheets

Put them and your pillowcases into sealed bags in the freezer for a few minutes, then take out and put back on your bed.

Instant relief as you fall asleep.

Keep your body lotions…

In the fridge for maximum bliss when you moisturise in the morning.

What helps you when it's hot? Let us know on the comments board below.

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