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Revealed! The Secret To Boosting Your Baby’s Brainpower

If you’re secretly hoping that your baby will be top of his class, then this revelation could have you reaching for your trainers…

Doing regular exercise during your pregnancy could be the key to increasing your baby’s intelligence, a new study has revealed. And we’re not talking about hours of gruelling sessions – all you have to do is three 20-minute workouts a week.

This discovery came from a study thatevaluated two groups of pregnant women. One group exercised for an hour a week, split over three days, and the other group did no exercise at all.

Doing regular exercise during your pregnancy could be the key to increasing your baby’s intelligence

‘While being sedentary increases the risks of suffering complications during pregnancy, being active can ease post-partum recovery, making pregnancy more comfortable and reduce the risk of obesity in children,’ says Professor Daniel Curnier from University of Montreal, who co-wrote the report.

‘Given that exercise has been demonstrated to be beneficial for the adult’s brain, we hypothesised that it could also be beneficial for the unborn child through the mother’s actions.’

Around 10 days after each of the women’s babies were born, newborn brain activity was measured with over 100 soft electrodes.

And the babies whose mums exercised while they were in the womb had more physically active brains than the other babies, ‘suggesting that their brains developed more rapidly,’ says one of the study’s researchers Elise Labonte-LeMoyne.

A spot of yoga, gentle jogging or swimming can be great ways to fill those 20-minute exercise slots and won’t overexert you, keeping you and your baby safe.

What’s your favourite form of pregnancy exercise? Let us know below.


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