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The 6 Best Wins When It Comes To Pregnancy Tiredness

Tiredness is pretty much a given in pregnancy, especially in those first three months. Our advice? Go with it. You could be onto a winner

Nodding off during Hollyoaks? Well it is late, after all. Oh no, that’s right, it’s the Sunday omnibus and it’s only 11am.

Chances are you haven’t felt this tired since that last pre-pregnancy big night out. But this time you haven’t so much as sipped Sauv Blanc in a month and you were in bed by 8pm not 8am. Still, there are some potential wins to be had here.

And if you are going to be the one having a nap in the corner at your friend’s hen do while everyone else spills cocktails on the dance floor, then you sure deserve to run riot (or stroll casually, perhaps…) with this one.

Chances are you haven’t felt this tired since that last pre-pregnancy big night out

Watching your TV show first

Your partner’s suggested you watch Made in Chelsea on the plus one channel so he can catch up on CSI now. Ah. Well, you see it would be an awful shame if you fell asleep before the ‘Previously on MIC…’ bit had finished. Best be safe.

Skipping that event

Dinner with his friends and their girlfriends who you really don’t have that much in common with. That film your friend wants to see but you really don’t. Whatever the occasion, never has there been such a good, biologically based card to play.

Any mistake you make ever

Ok, so perhaps don’t drive people mad by going overboard with this one. But, say you accidentally left a red sock in with that white load. Or forgot your sister’s birthday. Goodness, feeling sleepy really can make one forgetful… Learn more about your pregnancy brain for more material on this one.

Enjoying an indulgent lie in

What better excuse to press snooze, have a browse through those unread magazines, catch up on some DVDs and have breakfast in bed? You deserve it.

Wearing your PJs all day

Nothing spells a chill-out session like swanning around in your favourite baggy t-shirt on the weekend or a day off. Perhaps pick the day your landlord’s not coming round to fix that door though.

Him cleaning the bathroom

Yes, you know he did it the last few times. You would if only you had the energy.

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