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Mother and Baby

The New App To Track Baby's Heartbeat

It's now possible to monitor your unborn baby's heartbeat yourself throughout pregnancy.

It seems as if there's an app for everything these days, and listening to your baby's hearbeat can now been added to the list.

A new smartphone app lets pregnant women keep track of their baby's progress throughout pregnancy, including listening to the child's heart rate.

The new technology is called Bellabeat Connected System and uses a heart monitor attachment to help mums-to-be measure their baby's heartbeat-per-minute, as well as tracking progress including weight and the number of times the baby kicks.

According to the clever bods behind the app, it was initially created as a simple monitoring device but many other features have been added during the development stages.

We aim to have a complete solution to remotely track pregnancies that will...improve overall pregnancy experience.

Bellabeat co-founder Urska Srsen says: 'There are tons of pregnancy websites and smartphone apps on the market pushing information to consumers, but women don't have the time to interpret all this information in terms of their lifestyle.

'By analysing important data coming from our devices, we can personalise all the other content. The mood tracker feature is meant to help pregnant women recognise early symptoms of depression. Users will be able to track changes in their moods and feelings throughout pregnancy by recording notes within the app.

'Additionally, once a month, users will be asked to answer two questions about their feelings and moods overall. If a pattern suggesting early signs of depression emerges, the app encourages users to seek help from their healthcare providers.'

The founders worked with pre-natal specialists to work on the app and it looks to be working - Bellabeat's already been bought by 3000 customers including expectant parents in the UK.

Urska continued: 'We will be adding new tracking devices that will work with the app to enable mums-to-be to track blood pressure, weight gain and blood sugar for the first phase.

'We aim to have a complete solution to remotely track pregnancies that will highly reduce healthcare costs and improve overall pregnancy experience.'

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Would you try the Bellabeat app to monitor your baby's own progress or do you think it's best to leave that to the medical professionals? Join the discussion in our comment section below.

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