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The tell-tale signs that the pregnancy hormones have definitely hit

Lolling at TOWIE one minute to crying because you’ve ran out of crisps the next? Yep, the hormones have hit.

Here are some tell-tale signs that your pregnancy hormones are in full swing, how many do you have from the list?

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1) You can’t stop eating

Marmite? Pickled Onions? Marmite, pickled onions and a jam doughnut?
Pregnancy cravings actually serve a purpose so eat up while you can!
The Signs That The Pregnancy Hormones Have Definitely Hit Expand Image The Signs That The Pregnancy Hormones Have Definitely Hit

2) Your favourite perfume’s in the bin

How could you ever stand that smell?
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3) No one can reason with you

You’re pregnant, therefore always right (or at least for the next few months).
Pregnancy Cravings – What Do They Mean? Expand Image Pregnancy Cravings – What Do They Mean?

4) You’re irritated by your other half’s inability to place a simple order

You wanted chicken selects, not nuggets! And no BBQ sauce…really?
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5) You’re so tired, you end up in a different county

Fell asleep on the train home from work. Again. Taxi!
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6) The toilet is your BFF

By the time you've pulled your knickers up and washed your hands after a pee, you need to go again. Perhaps just keep some mags or your iPad in there to pass the time.
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7) You’re wearing shorts in the blistering rain

Anywhere, anytime, anyplace – you’re hot. And not in that way.
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8) You cry. A lot.

From sobbing at dog food adverts (and you don’t even like dogs) to crying when you’ve run out of chip sticks – there’s just so much to blub about.
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9) You go from normal to hulk in two minutes

Prangry. It’s a daily state of mind.
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10) You’ve got the skin of a teenager

If only you could trade the spots for the same bikini body.
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11) You wake up in the night…

Anxious about the lack of sleep you’ll get once your baby’s here. Go figure.
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12) But your breasts look amazing!

Might as well flaunt them while you’ve got them, but no touching please...

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