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Your Pregnancy Support Network: Who Can You Rely On?

While you may not want to post your news on Facebook or send that round-robin email to the whole company quite yet, you can still lean on those close to you in your first trimester of pregnancy. Here’s who to turn to…

Your partner

Sharing your excitement is important, but so is understanding that you may handle things differently.

‘Women tend to come to terms with having a baby more quickly than men, perhaps because you’re going through it physically, so don’t worry if he doesn’t react or feel exactly the same as you all the time,’ says psychologist Mia Scotland. ‘Support each other, but respect your differences.’

Women tend to come to terms with having a baby more quickly than men

Your GP

You don’t have to visit your doctor, but many women find it helps.

‘Your doctor is a non-judgemental ear,’ says GP Philippa Kaye. ‘We can talk things through with you and book you into a hospital for antenatal care.’

It’s unlikely she will take measures to confirm your pregnancy, because over-the-counter tests are very accurate these days, but you can ask if you want extra reassurance.

Your friends

It’s early days, but there may be certain pals you want to confide in.

‘Other mums can relate and advise you, while those without kids can give you a fresh ear without any preconceptions,’ says Mia. Have a think about what support you’ll need at different times.

Your parents

Chances are, they’ll be people you first share your news with.

‘This can be a lovely opportunity to connect with your mum on a different level, as she’s experienced this before and your places in the family will be changing,’ says Mia.

But do bear in mind how you normally interact with your mum. If she can stress you out or make you feel under pressure, now may not be the best time to share.

Your colleagues

You spend most of your day at work, so it can help to let people know if you’re feeling tired or struggling with nausea.

‘If you trust your manager and a few colleagues, tell them your news,’ says Mia. ‘And ask for support if you need it, so you can work out a solution, such as adjusting your hours.’

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