Mother and Baby

Positive Pregnancy Test – Now What?

It may be the result you’ve been hoping for. But that doesn’t stop you feeling, well, every emotion going now you’ve found out you’re finally pregnant

Indulge what you’re feeling

Feel like laughing? Crying? Jumping around to One Direction?

‘Give in to whatever you’re feeling, no matter how delirious or silly it may seem,’ says psychologist Mia Scotland. ‘It’s important to give your emotions an outlet.’

Don’t judge yourself

Once you discover a positive pregnancy test result, feeling excited one minute, terrified the next and everything in between is completely normal.

‘This is completely to be expected,’ says Mia. ‘Just take a deep breath and let things calm down for a few days, so you can process everything running through your brain.’


It may feel premature, but there’s no harm in making something of your good news. And there’s something pretty special about this secret you and your partner have. If you feel up for it, head out for dinner, or just order a posh takeaway, curl up on the sofa and chat about what you’ve just discovered.


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