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Have your antenatal classes been cancelled? Here’s some helpful advice

We know they’ve been cancelled to keep us, our baby and our families safe, but while we’re already feeling pretty anxious about coronavirus, we really needed those antenatal classes to put our minds at ease.

If you’re one of the many mums-to-be who have had their antenatal classes recently cancelled after being told to self-isolate, you might be feeling little unprepared for your new arrival and wonder what advice and help you’re missing from the class.

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We’ve put together some helpful advice to get you by until your classes are back on!

Most NHS antenatal classes will cover things like feeding your baby, taking care of them, looking after yourself during pregnancy and help you start to think about labour. They usually start at around 8-10 weeks before your baby is due as take place every week, lasting around two hours per class. If your class is cancelled, first try asking your midwife if there is an antenatal class DVD that might be helpful for you to watch.

What do antenatal classes cover?

What online antenatal resources are available to me?

Although the NHS classes are free, there are some online courses that you can take from the comfort of your home. Here’s some free and paid-for options to consider.


Now baby live         

This service offers mums-to-be the option of eight different courses. You can choose individual ones or select the whole set – whichever suits you best. Individual classes cost £12.50 each or the whole course costs £80.


Baby centre free antenatal classes

The baby centre offers 8 free online antenatal classes for parents to learn more about what is ahead on their pregnancy and baby journey.


Our Place antenatal classes

These classes are designed to give parents practical and helpful information for just £19 for the whole course.


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