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10 Signs You’re Trying To Hide Your Pregnancy From Friends

In the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy you’ve got this exciting piece of news, but you suddenly find yourself getting creative so you can keep it a secret. See if you recognise any of the below…

1. You’ve mastered the sneaky drink swap

During dinner with friends, you accept a glass or two of wine, but each time you take a pretend sip, you place it down nearer to your husband’s plate. He places his empty glass down by your plate, and voila, you’ve successfully fooled your host into thinking that you’ve drunk your wine. All well and good until you’re carrying your staggering and very merry husband out of the door at the end of the night…

2. Your daily commute takes twice as long

Why is that you feel worst when can’t tell people you’re pregnant? You’re desperate to pin your Bump On Board badge on, but worried you’ll see someone from work on the train. Instead, you have to nip off the train to take a moment or rush to the nearest bathroom.

3. Antibiotics are your new best friend

Cystitis? Another chest infection? Whatever you claim to be suffering, saying that you’re on antibiotic is the ultimate excuse and a great get-out clause when you’re meeting friends for a post-work drink.

4. You stash secret gingernuts in your desk drawer

Ginger biscuits and fizzy water have been a godsend for easing your morning sickness, but you’ve had to hide them in your drawers at work in case anyone makes the connection.

5. Nausea gets blamed on dodgy prawns

There’s nothing more awks than bumping into your work colleague in the ladies when you’ve just seen your breakfast for the second time. Luckily, your slightly green, sweaty face means she believes you when you tell her it’s last night’s badly cooked prawns or a heavy night out.

6. You complain that wheat is bloating your belly

You’re approaching the 12-week mark and your tummy has started to show, so you start complaining about the massive plate of pasta you had for lunch that’s making your jeans tight.

7. Weekends at your mum’s are the best excuse

Rather than risk your friends thinking you’ve turned into a hermit, your weekends suddenly get filled up with trips to see your mum or distant family members.

8. You’ve turned into a floaty scarf wearer

Scarves are the perfect bump disguiser, draped over your mini-bulge. This works perfectly until the temperamental British weather decides to have a 30C heatwave.

9. You’re Queen of the subject sidestep

Whether it’s that suspicious question about why you’re not knocking back the vino or the constant queries on when you’re starting a family, you’ve mastered the art of changing the subject without giving anything away.

10. You make excuses for being emosh

You burst into tears at work for no reason because your pregnancy hormones have gone haywire, then have to shrug it off as ‘family problems’ or that you ran over a squirrel on your way into work.

How did you hide your pregnancy until you were ready to tell people? Let us know in the comment box below.

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