Mother and Baby

10 Things You Will Definitely Cry Over Now You're Pregnant

So what if your man, mother or boss complains you've suddenly become a dramatic, emotional wreck. It's the hormones. These things will feel like tragedies

Getting nostalgic

Getting merry on a glass of rose or two and doing Karaoke to old Take That songs on a Friday night is a thing of the past. Well, for nine months at least anyway...

Doing unladylike, massive burps

Anywhere, anytime, anyplace - from the second trimester onwards.

Realising that you are in fact a Dairy Queen

But the cheesy lands of Brie and Stilton are forbidden to you through picnic season.

Catching a glimpse of your new shape

And wondering if you'll ever be able to wear a bikini again without frightening the seagulls.

Listening to any country ballad

Avoid Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up" while you're driving.

Toilet trips

More specifically, that by the time you've pulled your knickers up and washed your hands after a pee, you need to go again. Some nights from the third trimester onwards, you can't be bothered with the struggle out of bed so just sit on the loo with a steady trickle for hours till your feet go numb.

Any animal rescue show or advert

Particularly those involving Paul O'Grady - and you don't even like dogs. Or otters. Or panda bears.

Your irritating husband

Especially when he gets your very specific food order wrong. If he returns from the shops with the wrong flavour, mixture or brand of confectionery he should expect it to be hurled at his head while you find the nearest pillow to wail into.

The film Sense and Sensibility

That scene when Hugh Grant declares his love for Emma Thompson and she gets hysterical, bright red and snotty but - phew, at last - she gets her man.

Each scan

You can't believe how much you love this peanut already. You can't believe how lucky you and your partner are. You can't believe how something that makes you feel so bad can also feel so good. Yes, every ultrasound turns you into a Barry White record.


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