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12 Alternative Pregnancy Milestones

Everyone knows about certain pregnancy milestones – the scans, the last day at work, the first time you do the route-to-hospital test run… But there are some parts of being a mum-to-be you only realise you need to celebrate/mark/tweet about when you’re in that place. Can you relate?

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You’ve got a proper bump!

The first time you notice it looks like more than just a bit of extra weight or aftermath of that Chinese takeaway.
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The first craving

Hang on a second, you’ve gone to the fridge to get some yoghurt to go on that cereal – but you’re drawn inexplicably to the mint sauce instead. Welcome to the world of cravings.
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Telling a stranger

It just feels so good to tell someone who isn’t immediate friends and family, even if it is your cab driver or that woman who always hogs the sink in your work kitchen.
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When sickness passes

Finally, FINALLY!
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Getting a gift

Always a treat, but when it’s something pregnancy related? That’s pretty special.
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Being offered a seat

For once it’s an incredibly nice, appreciated moment instead of one that makes you regret choosing that particular top.
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Adjusting your jeans

They don’t do up comfortably – yay! Time to do that trick you read somewhere about looping a hair band through the buttonhole. Or hitting ASOS for three new maternity pairs… whatever.
How Pregnancy Affects Your Sense Of Smell Expand Image How Pregnancy Affects Your Sense Of Smell

Bye, favourite perfume

For the first time in years, suddenly that failsafe, everyday scent is the last thing you want to wear. Or have in your vicinity. Ever again. It’s all down to the impact pregnancy can have on your sense of smell. Sorry!
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Your partner feels your baby kick

The look on his face… everything about that moment is pure magic.
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Baby hiccups

It’s like a flutter, a little jump… hard to describe. But so sweet.
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Buying a babygro

It suddenly hits you that you’re growing someone who’ll fit into an outfit that small. Woah.
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First false alarm

Whether it’s Braxton Hicks or just a stitch, it has you running (waddling…) for the labour bag packed by the door. Only to return home from hospital not long after – hey, this is all new for you!

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