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5 Ways To Have An Amazing First Trimester

Relax, breathe and work through the smart mum’s guide to getting baby-ready...

Seeing that all-important blue line flash up on the pregnancy test is an instant game changer. Suddenly, there’s a huge amount of things to get your head around, and not only how a baby’s going to change you, your relationship, your career and your world.

But there are ways to enjoy it and get prepared the right way.

1 Make some headspace

‘After the initial excitement, many women feel fear and trepidation,’ says Dr Natasha Bijlani, psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital. Mood changes are common.

‘Huge hormonal changes are going on, with increased oestrogen and progesterone,’ she adds. Give yourself lots of rest and speak to your midwife if you need extra support.


2 Talk through you worries

Lower energy levels combined with high levels of hormones can make for an emotional roller-coaster  ‘Try not to let worries escalate,’ she says. ‘Talk to your partner, mum or a friend for reassurance.’

'Talk to your partner, mum or a friend for reassurance'

3 Don't stress about bonding

It’s normal to worry about bonding with your baby. ‘But this often doesn’t happen until the birth,’ says psychologist Emma Kenny. So, focus on being happy and relaxed.

4 Start thinking about space

It’s useful to think about what space is available in your home for a baby – and all the relevant kit. ‘Get rid of any big items you don’t need,’ says Tess Clarke of Milton Sterilising. ‘Once you’re in your second trimester you won’t be as agile, so it’s good to get these jobs done now.’


Consider where you’ll store a buggy or place the cot. ‘If you don’t have room, you can get a bedside co-sleeping crib,’ says Nicki Pope, maternity nurse for Tinies Childcare ( Start researching now and avoid panic later.

5 Work out your rights

'It’s a good time to find out legal rights and maternity benefits'

‘The first day in the office after discovering you’re pregnant can be surreal,’ says Caroline Flanagan of ‘It’s hard to be in meetings when you just want to rush to the loo, or work out your baby's star sign.  Look after yourself the best you can – use deep breathing to stem anxiety.’

Get info about managing your career through the bump and beyond. ‘It’s a good time to find out legal rights and maternity benefits,’ says Caroline. Start a pregnancy notebook to jot down your findings.

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