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6 Ways To Enjoy Christmas When You’re Pregnant

6 Ways To Enjoy Christmas When You’re Pregnant

Bump plus festive spirit? Totally do-able. Welcome to your pregnant Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – especially if you’re pregnant. Just think, the sweaty season is well and truly gone (well, pretty much… damn you, hormones) and you can embrace bump friendly knits and good old Uggs.

You can definitely enjoy Christmas as much as you always have. Instead of thinking about what’s off the menu, give your festive period a makeover with these mum-to-be tweaks.

What you can eat when you're pregnant at Christmas

Yes, you may want to skip too much bubbly and that Brie at your Christmas party, but that doesn’t mean glumly hitting the OJ and crisps (although by all means, do that, too).

Hunt down elderflower cordial and vegetarian canapés

Hunt down some delicious elderflower cordial and shotgun the vegetarian canapés or ones where the meat is cooked, through. Click here to find out what you can and can’t eat in pregnancy.

Make changes to your social life

Last year’s festive get together with the girls may’ve happened over too much wine, so if you don’t have the energy to hit dance floors in the same way, suggest something different.

Think a dinner party, exhibition, Christmas market trip, Sunday roast or even a cooking class where you get to enjoy your efforts afterwards.

Start off new traditions

Next Christmas, you’ll have a baby (*excited squeal*) but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to begin some family traditions.

Whether it’s buying a new decoration, watching a certain film on Christmas Eve or driving round to check out the local competition in house lights, mark the season with something new.

Be shopping smart

What better excuse have you got to sit in Costa with a cake while your partner takes directions on food and gift shopping?

Better still, head online – most supermarkets have opened their festive delivery slots already and they get snapped up very quickly, so go go go.

Channel those emotions

‘Tis the season for some seriously soppy TV and films – we’re already bracing ourselves for the Downton Abbey Christmas special.

So indulge those hormones with a box of Maltesers, snuggly quilt and cry fest. Ah, that’s better.

Delegate like a pro

Especially if you’re feeling rundown, now’s the time to look after yourself – and if that means asking relatives to bring a dish each to Christmas dinner or your partner to untangle the tree lights because you’re shattered, so be it.

You’re growing a baby in there, don’t y’know? Merry Christmas!

What are your Christmas pregnancy tips? Let us know below.

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