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VIDEO! Is This The Best Pregnancy Announcement Yet?

From Tom Fletcher’s Halloween-style video to Beyonce’s VMA bump reveal, there have been some inspired pregnancy announcements. And this video has to be up there in our top ten.

Yes, it is incredibly cheesy and cringe worthy (which we think is the idea – at least we hope it is) BUT we award this couple top marks for creativity.

Reworking Taylor Swift’s song We Are Never, Ever, Ever, Getting Back Together, Nate and Erica Eaton from Richmond, Virginia have put together this hilarious parody video to share their pregnancy news with the world.
See if you agree and watch the full video below *warning: the singing isn’t exactly pitch perfect*...

The couple, who are already parents to a ten-month-old daughter, Emerson, weren’t expecting another baby quite so soon.
‘The day we found out, I think my husband almost had a heart attack,’ Erica told ‘He is usually pretty vocal about everything, but he had no words that day. I think I burst into tears.’
The couple’s baby is due in October – which is revealed at the end of the view.  
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