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9 weeks pregnant – what to expect

Your baby at 9 weeks

By week nine, your little one is the size of a large green olive, or around an inch in length. The head is more developed and although they’re still webbed, fingers and toes are now visible. Here’s what to expect at nine weeks pregnant.

What’s my baby doing at nine weeks pregnant?

By week nine, all of your baby’s essential organs have started to develop. In a couple of weeks, your baby will officially be referred to as a foetus, and although she’s starting to make tiny arm and leg movements, you won’t feel them for a bit longer.

Right now, your baby’s head is still larger than the body due to all the brain activity that is currently happening. Apart from that, she is looking more and more like a tiny human and has now lost her tail.

If you have an antenatal appointment this week, you might even be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat on a Doppler – a handheld ultrasound device. That said, if you can’t hear a heartbeat it doesn’t mean something is wrong, just that your baby is in a more difficult position.

What’s more, up until this point, although your baby’s chromosones are definitely male or female, the genitals were ‘unisex’. From week nine, he or she will start to form specific male or female genitlia.

What is my body doing at nine weeks pregnant?

It’s perfectly normal in these first few weeks of pregnancy to feel extremely exhausted, but when you think of the mammoth changes occurring physiologically, mentally and emotionally, is it any wonder you need a lie down? Your body is working around the clock to develop the placenta, but also, pregnancy has increased your metabolism and hormone levels, which in turn lowers your blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Read more about how to tackle that pregnancy fatigue here. If you find yourself snoozing more, try sleeping on your left as this stops your uterus pressing on major blood vessels, allowing more blood to get to your baby. 

Common symptoms to look out for:

  • Frequent toilet trips: If you find yourself constantly needing to wee, make sure you lean forwards on the toilet to ensure you’ve fully emptied your bladder. Also, try and wee again once you’ve finished weeing – this can help you get those extra few hours of shut eye.
  • Breast tenderness: As if getting enough sleep wasn’t hard enough, your growing boobs can make getting comfy that little bit harder! It’s perfectly normal for your breasts to feel ultrasensitive at this time, so try sleeping with a sports bra on and see if it helps.
  • Bloating and gas: One you probably won’t want to talk to your doctor about, feeling gassy is another very common symptom. If you’re worried about keeping this to a minimum, try smaller meals which won’t overload your digestive system.

What you should be doing this week

  • Keep snacking: Rest assured your tiny baby is getting everything she needs, and focus on smaller meals throughout the day. This can help with morning sickness and keeping your blood sugar levels up.
  • Buy a box of Rennies: Antacids are safe to take during pregnancy and can help with that awful heartburn.
  • Talk to your doctor: If you’re older than 35 or have any genetic conditions, now is the time to talk to your doctor about common genetic tests. These can be performed between 10 and 13 weeks.

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Your week nine shopping list: 

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Maternity True Blue Joni Jeans, £36.00,

A baby bump shouldn’t prevent you pulling on a pair of skinny jeans. Like Topshop’s classic skinnies, this pair have spray-on fit and are ankle grazing, but they’ve been adapted for pregnancy with a stretchy waist panel and high rise waistband.  
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Maternity Over Bump Skinny Jeans, £14.00,

It’s not that easy finding grey stone-wash maternity jeans but they are great if you want to add a bit of an edge to your pregnancy look. This pair from George at Asda has been designed so that, even when you’ve only got a hint of a bump, they won’t feel too loose. 
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Maternity Layla Embroidered Skinny Jeans, £16.00,

There’s a bit of a thing going on for embroidered jeans at the moment and, if you want to get on-board, has come up with this pair complete with a floral motif on both thighs. Plus, these jeans have a forgiving skinny cut and an elasticated waist panel to keep you feeling comfy as well as fashionable. 
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Super Stretch Maternity Skinny Jeans, £99.00,

If you thought you wore jeans a lot before, just wait till you’re pregnant. They’ll be the one item of your wardrobe you turn to again and again so it might be worth investing a little extra. These skinny jeans from maternity experts Isabella Oliver are aimed at denim aficionados and have a jersey panel, elasticated band, added stretch and an indigo wash that won’t fade no matter how many times you put them through the washing machine.   
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Dark Wash Bootcut Maternity Jeans, £35.00,

Prefer your jeans bootcut? Try on this pair for size. The straight leg cut and dark wash cleverly make your legs look thinner and longer, while the wide jersey waistband can be worn over or underneath your bump, depending what stage of pregnancy you’re at.  
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Frayed Ripped Knee Over The Bump Skinny Maternity Jeans, £35.00

Don’t feel like you have to play it safe with your clothes just because you’re pregnant. These distressed skinny jeans have ripped knees, frayed hems and pre-worn creases and would be at perfectly at home in a mosh pit. 
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The Relaxed Maternity Jean, £99.00,

Skinny jeans are great if you’re feeling confident about your body but what if you want something a little more easy-going? These relaxed cut maternity jeans are flattering without being tight, while the below-the-bump waistband make them an excellent option for early pregnancy, when you’re still getting used to your changing shape, and after, when you’ve given birth.   
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Maternity Denim Jeggings, £29.60,

The comfort of a legging mixed with the flexibility of jeans, jeggings are a great addition to your pregnancy wardrobe. This pair uses sustainable cotton with added stretch and has been designed to give you a streamlined silhouette. What more could you ask for? 
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Mamalicious Chambray Denim Trousers, £35.00

For those who prefer a trouser to a jean, these harem-style pants are a real find. The lightweight fabric and elasticated waist make it unlikely that you’ll find anything as comfortable, plus, you can wear them after your pregnancy too. 
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Maternity Blue Under Bump Ripped Skinny Jeans, £24.99,

Maternity jeans with an elasticated under-bump waistband are ideal if you’re still early on in your pregnancy and have more of a big tummy than a proper bump. This pair from New Look also have white distressed patches and come in a pretty sky-blue denim. 
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Dark Wash Super Skinny Maternity Jeans, £35.00,

Super skinny jeans and being pregnant don’t feel like things that would work together but Jojo Maman Bebe has come up with these maternity threads which tick both boxes. A mock fly and stretch denim allow them to be easily pulled on, while the jersey waistband can be worn under or over your bump.   
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Maternity Blue Under Bump Skinny Jeans, £12.99,

It’s important to buy clothes that make you feel good when you’re pregnant and these navy jeans will flatter your legs thanks to their close-cut fit and dark hue. 

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