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What's Your Pregnancy Personality?

Not all mums-to-be are calm and blooming. Once those hormones kick in, your pregnancy personality can bring out characteristics you never even knew you had…

The Bump Rebel

Adamant that being pregnant won’t change your life, you laugh in the face of ‘Baby on Board’ badges and refuse to be told what to do by your midwife. Your confident attitude (‘women have given birth in caves and up trees for centuries, what’s all the fuss about?’) is impressive but behind your strong facade, you’re secretly Googling your health anxieties just like the rest of us.

'You’re secretly Googling your health anxieties just like the rest of us'

Says: ‘See you down the pub.’

Most likely to... Suggest a summer surf course.

Least likely to... Have a plaster cast made of your baby bump.

What’s really going on? ‘Some mums-to-be don’t like the idea of being just like every other pregnant woman, so they rebel as a way of being unique,’ says clinical psychologist and doula Mia Scotland. It’s mostly for show, so behind the scenes you’re probably being more sensible than you think.

If this is you... ‘Stop worrying about what people think,’ says Mia. ‘While it’s fine to work out your own approach to pregnancy, don’t worry too much about other people’s opinions, or it will stop you enjoying these special nine months.’

HRH Pregnancy Princess

Every mum-to-be deserves care and attention, but you take it to another level. Being the star attraction makes you feel extra special, so you’re making the most of it. Pop to the supermarket? Nope, you need to put your feet up. Organise a meeting? No way – stress isn’t good for the bump.

Says: ‘OMG, I accidentally sniffed some brie. Take me to A&E!’

Most likely to... Invite old ladies to pat your bump at the bus stop.

Least likely to... Say, ‘Oh, don’t worry about me, I mean, women have babies every day.’

What’s really going on? ‘You enjoy the positive attention your bump brings, partly because pregnancy gives you a sense of purpose and partly because you lean on your support network to help you work through your worries,’ says Mia. ‘But this can make things feel tough when you’ve had the baby and the focus shifts from you onto your newborn.’

If this is you... Make the most of the excitement, but don’t expect everyone to be interested in the finer details of what you’re going through. ‘Save that for your midwife, who’ll be happy to talk through your anxieties,’ says Mia.

The Eco-Tiger

You’re not just a laid-back nature-lover – you’re an earth mother with a competitive streak. So, your pregnant friends have bought a baby sling? Well, you’re going to use hemp muslins. They’re considering hypno-birthing? OK, you’ve already booked an in-depth birthing course with the Dalai Lama. For fun, you and your husband spend your evenings having a dip in your home birthing pool. Boom!

Says: ‘I’ve found a simply fabulous placenta recipe. You’ll have to come round and try it.’

Most likely to… Prepare your own organic nappy lotion with olive oil and camomile tea.

Least likely to... Buy maternity jeans. Why bother when you can knit your own dungarees?

What’s really going on? ‘You’ve always believed in nature’s way and now you’re concerned that the modern world is going to harm your baby somehow,’ says Mia.

If this is you... Remember that pregnancy is not a competition – using cloth nappies and having a natural birth won’t win you any prizes. ‘Think through why you’re going for these choices – make sure it’s because it’s best for you and your baby, not to impress others,’ says Mia.

The Spendaholic

You’ve just discovered JoJo Maman Bébé, BabyGap and Zara’s outfits for little ones, now there’s no stopping you. Having a baby is a great excuse to buy stuff, after all. Muslins? Moses basket? All bought before baby’s first kick. Now you’re onto the gadgets – baby-listening videos, TENS machines, DIY heart-beat monitors… nothing is too extreme.

Says: ‘I’ll have one in blue and one in pink, just in case.’

Most likely to… Be the proud owner of at least 10 adorable outfits that will never be worn.

Least likely to... Be seen in the same maternity outfit twice.

What’s really going on? ‘Buying products brings excitement and distracts you from negative feelings, such as anxiety about the birth,’ says Mia. ‘Rather than face your worries, you divert them with more shopping.’

If this is you... ‘Speak to friends who are already mums about what they actually needed,’ says Mia. ‘Also, try to be honest with yourself about your hopes and fears regarding motherhood.’

Grr! Pregzilla

'You're the most fearsome mum-to-be of all'

In ordinary life you’re a certified control freak, but add pregnancy to the mix and you transform into Pregzilla, the most fearsome mum-to-be of all. Every detail of your pregnancy has to be perfect – your birth plan is 10-pages long and you carry a list of nutrient-appropriate foods for each trimester. You’ve planned your due date to fit in with holiday plans, while also guaranteeing maximum developmental advantage for your child.

Says: ‘We’re putting our house on the market again – our local nurseries and primary schools are fine, but now we’re concerned about secondaries...’

Most likely to... Issue a gift list for your baby shower and demand that friends who can’t attend send vouchers.

Least likely to... Go past your due date. The baby wouldn’t dare!

What’s really going on? ‘You feel at your best when you’re organised and assured,’ says Mia. ‘It’s fine during pregnancy, but when your baby arrives, you’ll need to accept that it’s OK to feel chaotic sometimes.’

If this is you... Experiment with letting your standards slip a bit, so when your baby comes, you’ll cope better. ‘You might get a new sense of freedom from neglecting the lists and research for a few days,’ says Mia. 

Pregzilla or Pregnant Princess - what kind of pregnant were you? Let us know on the comments board below


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