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The bizarre reason why pregnant women are turning their toilet seats blue

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From morning sickness to swollen ankles to dreaded indigestion, pregnancy is often a challenging time for our bodies. 

One pregnancy side effect, we didn't think we had to contend with was BLUE sweat. 

Sorry, what? 

The issue came to light when mum-to-bes took to Reddit to complain their toilet seats were turning blue. 

One mum confided, 'This is REALLY weird, is it happening to anyone else? Has anyone here turned their toilet seat blue? I just realised last night that our toilet seat is now a lovely blue/purple hue.

After some googling, apparently, this is something that happens to pregnant people?? Please tell me I'm not alone in this!!'

After a few mothers-to-be joined in and compared their experiences of their toilet seats turning blue, their burning questions have been answered as experts have uncovered what may be causing it.

Angela Ballard, Registered Nurse with the International Hyperhidrosis Society told Metro that, "Chromhidrosis is a disorder of the sweat glands that manifests with colored sweat on the face, in the underarms, or on the areola of the breasts (the darker circle of skin around the nipples).

Sweat may be yellow, green, blue, brown, or black."

It continues to explain that: 'These colours are due to a pigment produced in the sweat glands called lipofuscin.

'Lipofuscin is common in human cells, but for some reason people with chromhidrosis have higher concentrations of lipofuscin or lipofuscin that is in a higher-than-normal state of oxidation.'

Experts said that coloured sweat could also be a response to having an infection, hematohidrosis which is blood in the sweat, excess bilirubin, an orange-yellow pigment formed in the liver, or poisoning. 

Although a number of pregnant women have experienced this, there is no known link between pregnancy and chromhidrosis.

However, visible sweat is said to show when the body is going through a number of changes. 

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